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    Default CSS Bldg A & B - what floor is best?

    Going to CSS for the 1st time (May 2013) and booked a room in the A/B building blocks. The wife is thinking she'd prefer the 2nd or 3rd floor to get a better view... but I'm thinking the 1st floor would be more convenient, no steps to climb, could just walk out the back door right to everything. Hoping all the rooms face the ocean/pool direction. And I understand there are no convenient bathrooms near the pool or beach... so thinking a room at ground level would be ideal.

    Thoughts please? Please share your experience/opinions. Much appreciated!

    Peace everyone!

    PS. We've been to CN several times, and CSA once... trying CSS for the new experience.

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    We will be at CSS for the 6th time next April, and we always get A/B Block upper floors. It's a little more private, but the first floors do enable you to walk out the front of your room. You can't lock the doors after you leave, but I think you would be ok. Upper floors do have a better view, and all A/B Block rooms face the pool and ocean.
    Also, there is a bathroom right out in front of A/B Block to the left of the main pool (near watersports)
    Have a great time...........Mike&Sue

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    RandyP... We have stayed in the A & B bldgs and have requested the 3rd floor. We love the view and the steps are not a big deal for us. We feel like we are getting some excersize. You will be facing the pool and ocean. There are bathrooms where the sports hut is located which is right by the beach. There are also bathrooms by the Pallazina restaurant which is not far from the beach. So I guess it's just personal preference and which one of you is going to win LOL. You will love CSS. We've been to Couples 8X of which 3X were at CSS.

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    We are at CSS now in building A in 2nd floor room. This room has a nice view of the ocean and main pool. I think the 3rd floor has a better view, but this is pretty good. There are bathrooms hear the beach & main pool that are located in the back of the watersports hut, so easy access to the ocean side of our room isn't crucial. Building A is further from the Palazinna (sp?) restaurant and would be the first choice (I imagine it could be noisy if you had the rooms right next to the restaurant...). Enjoy your trip!

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    I'm with your wife! Ask for 2nd or 3rd floor for a better view and a bit more privacy. As for bathrooms...when we were there in October they were remodeling the bathrooms by the pool and beach. So you will have access to those! CSS is a truly unique place. Hope you enjoy it!

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    First off, there ARE convenient bathrooms to the main beach ( I read that in a review recently and wondered what they were talking about). There are bathrooms in the water sports hut. Also , bathrooms in the AN area.
    I stayed in building A, 1st floor and loved it. There really is very little foot traffic in front of building A or B. Our room was on the end, so we had an unobstructed view of the ocean, which was nice. I can see how some people prefer the higher rooms for the view. Basically you need to ask yourself, do you want the convenience of a first floor room, with a good view. Or do you want a better view, but less convenience.

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    Though you can't request a room location/floor you can always ask. At CSS it really comes down to personal preference when it comes to the Beachfront Suites in Blocks A & B. A room higher up does afford a better view while a 1st floor room does allow for more convenience. All rooms have balconies/patios that face the ocean and there are convenient bathroom locations near the pool and beach in the Watersports building or by the Palazzina restaurant. All things being equal in our opinion we'd go with the better view. If you're there for the Starlight Gala (Friday night) you can adjourn to your room and still enjoy music with a fabulous view (we know people who've done this).

    Hope this helps with you selection!

    Bart & Bug

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    Great feedback everyone, we appreciate it. Sounds like all floors are good in the A/B block... We're gonna request 2nd/3rd floor for the better view... but you know how that goes. Great to hear about the convenient restrooms... so I'll let my wife win on the upper floors.

    Can't wait to visit CSS - heard so much about it... and it took a lot for us to break away from the Negril side... Figure we'll visit CTI for the trading places option... Then I can say I've been to all 4 Couples Resorts. Woo Hoo!

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    We stayed at CSS in July '11 in Bldg. B, 2nd floor and in July '12 in Bldg. A. Both lovely rooms with all facing the ocean/pool. Our preference would be either the 2nd or 3rd floors for the view and the privacy factor especially on your verandahs. Restrooms are available behind the water sports building on the main beach and near the bar at SSB.
    No matter what room or level you are sure to experience paradise at CSS!

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    We had a ground floor room in B, and it was lovely! Very convenient walk out to get to the beach/bars/restaurant/pool. And an added bonus for me but could be a detriment to others, I got to have some pet cats the week we were there. I miss my pets terribly while on vacation, and our ground floor room availed the CSS Four Legged Pest Control Squad team members to sit with me on my patio every morning while I read and let my husband get desperately needed sleep. I was so happy! We were tucked in a corner behind a lot of plantins, so we never worried about privacy. We loved it so much we are already booked for next year!

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    We had a 2nd floor in Block. A block looks over the pool, grill area. If you get the far north end of B your are right next to a restaurant.

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    We stayed in A30 last Jan. Loved it!!! Great view, quiet at night, and in the middle of everything. Close to the main beach and close to ssb. We are going to be back home April 27 thru May 6, and have requested block A, third floor again.

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    I know I can't reserve a specific room but I went ahead and contacted Couples via the ticket system (since we booked directly online) to request Building A and either the 2nd or 3rd floor. When we stayed at CSA back in 2004 for our wedding , we stayed in the beachfront verandah suites. They were the new buildings back then but I see a lot of things have changed in over 8 years. We were on the first floor in the first building closest to the main area. We loved it as we could just walk out of our back door and onto the beach.

    But since CSS has a pool/lawn in front of the beachfront suites, I wanted to go up higher to hopefully get a better view and a little bit more privacy. And from looking at the map and some feedback, it seems building A is a little more quiet/private since it's further away from the restaurant.

    We shall see what they say.

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    I did contact CSS and requested block A and either 2nd or 3rd floor. They responded back that they will keep my request on file and will try and honor my request though they can't guarantee until we check in depending on availability. Which I perfectly understand. I'm sure I'll be happy with any room. I'm really not that picky since we don't spend much time there anyways!

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    We are at CSS right now in room b22 (2nd floor, 3 rooms from the Palazzina end). We specifically didn't request anything since its our first visit here and I wanted to let fate decide. If we come again I'd request 1st or 3rd floor. There's not much view from here, but that's ok with us because we are only on the balcony to eat breakfast. I would probably request A building next time but only to get away from the restaurant. It's not loud at all (just the usual silverware noises), but you just get the feeling that it's not private at this end of B block.

    If you do first floor you may be mugged by cats. As in, you can't leave your breakfast tray unguarded. Just FYI if you don't like this. Upper levels, the birds will raid your pastries.

    I'm big on seeing where you end up the first time without a request. You can always ask to move if you don't like where you end up.

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    Both times we've been to CSS we asked for B building, ground floor. Love that location. Yes, you can walk out your back sliding glass door straight to the beach. Never had a problem. It's so convenient! Love it!
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    The last time we were there in March I had sent in a request ahead of time to be on the third floor. When we arrived, we met another couple on the bus that had requested the third floor as well. At check in, the other couple were given the third floor, but we were assigned B1, the bottom floor first one right beside the pallazina restaurant. I was very upset af first, but they could not move us till the next day. After spending a night, we decided that it was not that bad and that we would stay. By the end of the week, we loved it. Since it was right beside the restaurant, it was close to run over to get more coffee in the morning, and we got to see all our friends coming and going to the gym etc. while we were enjoying our coffee on the patio. What I thought was the worst room in the house , for us turned into the best one. Sometimes its best to just go witht he flow , and you won't end up dissappointed.

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