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    Default Well that's just great...

    Heading to CN for Christmas and we can hardly wait.

    Now I find this message board with all this great information.

    Thanks, thanks a lot.
    It's not like I wan't pretty much just phoning it in at my job until we leave, but now I'm not gonna get any work done because I'll be on here all the time.

    No seriously thanks. I've found tons of answers to my questions already.

    See you soon CN!
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    I hate to break this to you, but it does not get much better once you are back. You read the message boards wishing your next trip was right around the corner. :-)

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    Haha I've been taking regular "breaks" at work to read the boards. My only savior has been that it doesn't update more frequently.

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    Perhaps you were meant to be a source of information for the next round of newbies?????
    After you return from your trip you will enjoy this message board even more.

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    Dammit! Well you were right. Not even 24 hours back and here I am.

    We had a great time. I'll try and do a review/newbie guide soon.Name:  negril_panorama.jpg
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