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    Default FIRST Couples stay @ CSS !

    AHHHHHH ! ! !

    We finally just booked our first vacation together ever for a 10-night stay at CSS! We cannot possibly be more excited, and February can't come soon enough!!!

    After sifting through the message board a bit already, I'm confident my Couples vets will come through for us here... what are some absolute "must do's" when at CSS and in Ochi in general? The only thing we noticed and were somewhat disappointed with after we booked was that CTI has that CSS does not is the availability of a catamaran which was somewhat disappointing. Does anyone have any info or know if perhaps I just missed this inclusion?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful hints, and for anyone at CSS from Feb. 25 to Mar. 7 - see you there mon! =)

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    Welcome to the Couples family. Be sure to have dinner on the terrace at Casanova - it's so romantic! Walk around the large pond behind the A&B blocks. The flora and fauna are beautiful, and you can also see the beautiful hills and the ocean. As far as off resort, we took a tour that went through Fern Gully. We loved being able to see some of the countryside. The concierge can hook you up with a good taxi driver or tour guide.

    CSS does not have the catamaran option. The reef is fairly close to shore, and they simply cannot get a cat close enough to shore for boarding. If you have your heart set on a cat ride, splurge a little, and have the concierge recommend some cats in Ochi.

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    Unfortunately the catamaran can't get into the beach at CSS (I think there's a reef that blocks it) so that excursion isn't available there. The standard Ochi must see is Dunn's River Falls - we did it once and that was enough, but we're not big hikers. Other activities depend on your style - Margaritaville is something we skip because it's a tourist bar, but if you want night life the trip might be worth it. They will give you a list of available excursions when you get there, but if you're like me you want to research them now -Chukka Cove has some good options. I do suggest you look at where the activity takes place - we did a river rafting trip (the relaxed one, not whitewater) that took us almost all the way back to Montego Bay that we would have skipped if I'd noticed the distance.

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    First of all, welcome to the couples family. You will love it there. Our list of must do's is :
    1. Sunset beach for the au natural experience. Definitely a must do.
    2. A Bob Marley drink.
    3. Feed the blind duck and the turtles at the pond.
    4. Edgar's special omelette at the pallazina for breakfast.
    5. a trip to Dunn's River falls.
    6. A private dinner, in the wedding gazebo.
    7. a couples massage.
    8. The fish taco's at the beach grill at lunch.
    9. At least one dinner at Casanova.
    10. Relax... the one thing you will definitely do at San Souci. Once you go, you'll know.

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    I love CSS!
    My must do list..
    I agree with novastar..get naked at sunset beach..the most fun peeps hang out there!and go early in your may want to keep going back
    feed the fishies with a little bread...they are all over near the rocks on the main beach
    use your balcony!order a little room sevice app plate and sip something while enjoying one of the best views anywhere
    have edgar make you a fresh omelette
    try a dirty banana
    go to the hidden hot tub above the mineral pool
    get somejuice in the morning and float in the mineral pool

    we went on the river/ziplinine tour...the ride up there was time i won't be leaving the property..too much to do on those beautiful 34 +acres...ahhh july soon come!

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    Extremely helpful so far - keep 'em coming! It feels like this trip never leaves my mind, and I'm constantly researching new things for it. We literally can't stop talking about how excited we are - we are a relatively new couple in our mid-to-late 20's and just need a solid getaway to focus on ourselves and eachother. We absolutely can't wait ! ! !

    Some other questions I just have off hand...
    - Do you get to work with the concierge to plan a location and menu if you book a "private dinner" experience?

    - What's the most recommended couples spa experience? (massage, seaweed wrap, etc.)

    - Anyone been off-resort for a cat experience? Opinions on whether or not it's worth it?

    - If we didn't book through the Couples website, can we still request to be in a certain block? We have a 1 Bedroom Beachfront Suite and are not quite sure where on the resort those are typically located.

    Thanks so much again - we just CAN'T WAIT for this vacation and all of your responses add to our excitement!

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    I can help you with a couple of your questions. For your private dinner, you can work with the "Romance Concierge" there is a link to contact FAQ or you can just use the "Contact Us" tab at the bottom on any page on the MB and someone will contact you and send you the info.

    As for room requests, those can't be requested until you get to the resort. I can tell you that all 1 Bedroom Beachfront Suites are in Blocks A and B. Block A is closest to Sunset Beach and Block B is closest to Palazzina. These blocks are centrally located at the beach level. You would only have to go up stairs to get to the Balloon Bar or the Lobby--also the spa if you did a treatment.

    Hope this helps!

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    We haven't done the private dinner or off-resort cat, so can't answer those. If they still do it La Melange is my favorite spa treatment because it incorporates most of their different massages - it's only at CSS so isn't in the online brochure. I think they stopped allowing advance requests for a specific building/room a few years back, but you can ask when you check in - it all depends on whether they have openings when you get there. One thing I forgot to mention on the Dunn's River climb is to ask the tour desk which days the cruises are in town and to go on a different day.

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