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    Who do we contact about scuba diving at Couples Sans Souchi for pre dive info ? My wife and I both have been PADI certified and would like to spend as much time in watter as posable. On outher trips we call ahead to now how to be prepaired what PH.# do we call? Any one know how the scuba diving is at CSS watter timp, how deep ,what to see,ETC. ? We plan to arive Dec 26 - Jan 1,2012.

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    Call 1 800 Couples, ask for the front desk @ CSS, and they can direct you to the scuba guys. The water is warm in Jamaica, nothing more than a 3mm shorty wetsuit is needed, if that. If it's been more than 2yrs since your last dive, you will need to take a refresher course, which carries a charge. Other than that, you pay nothing extra for the dives & equipment, but I strongly suggest bringing your own mask, fins, and snorkel. Enjoy! This is hassle-free diving!

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    I have been diving at CSS for most of the last week. The water temp has been about 80 degrees, we have mostly dove around 50'-60', although a couple dives have been deeper and some shallower, and there are some nice coral formations, small fish and a ship wreck to see. My favorite dive was Devils Reef, and the shipwreck is good to see too. Enjoy your trip, the dive team at CSS is wonderful.

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