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    Default One love pub crawl, dec. 19, 2012

    We have 8 already going on the the pub crawl. We are staying at CSA and scheduled to be picked up at 2ish. The more the merrier! So, if you're interested email Lenbert Williams (Driver) at I hear that the tour books up fast. Hope to meet new people and have a great time.

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    Geeeeeee, would love to tag along but we don't arrive untill noon on the 20th! Have a wonderful time and have a few for us!!!! See ya on the beach!!

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    I've never heard of the pub crawl.. please fill me in. We'll be at CSA 12/13 through 12/24.

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    See on the beach Blondie and JDzWife....I've heard nothing but great things about this excursion. You will be taken by shuttle to several different bars in the Negril area by Lenbert, the driver. You don't have to drink alcohol to come and have a great time. The excursion itself is free, but you will want to tip the driver $20-$25/for two for driving you around town. I'm sure the gas isn't cheap. You will also have to pay for any drinks or food that you want at the different spots. If you want to see pictures you could go to Trip Advisor and search for Love One Bus Bar Crawl in Negril, Jamaica. It should pop up and click on it. There's 8 of us going ranging in age from 40-78. Hope you join us. It will be fun to meet new people. Let me know if you plan on going. You will want to email Lenbert right away if you want to go. See you in a couple of weeks!

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    We did the One Love Pub Crawl on November was AWESOME!! We had the greatest time, the bus ride was crazy, we met so many locals and had a great time at every pub that we visited. Lenbert picked up on time and we were back to our resort by 6:30....happily full of Red Stripe and the most delicious pizza from Bella Donna's. Definitely one of the best off-site excursions we have ever done. Don't forget to tip Lenbert....the excursion costs nothing, he makes his living with the tips. Would definitely do this again.

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