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    Default CN Lobster on the Beach? Local Vendors?

    My wife and I have been to Tower Isle. This however, is our first visit tp CN. Although it is hard to miss one fantastic meal at Couples, we have heard there are local vendors on the beach (within walking distance) who sell local food. Does anyone have insights into this who has stayed at CN? A frest lobster with a Red Stripe would be fantastic!

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    When lobster is in season, while facing the ocean turn right and walk the beach until you come to the "Office of Nature". About $20 for a fresh lobster and Red Stripe. Do not judge the area or the ambiance or you will not eat there. Every now and then there is also a vendor walking up and down the beach selling lobster tail already cooked and who knows how long. I don't buy that, but I guess that does not mean anything, it could be good, just worried about spoiled.

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    Office of Nature! (the original one, not the copycat with the yellow sign) This link will answer your questions...

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    Fresh Lobster with a red stripe $15-$20. Take a right out of the resort and walk down the beach less than a half mile. Pass the first "office of nature" and go to the second which we were told was the original. I'm sure it might not matter much but we liked the location better anyway. If you go with a bigger group, walk down ahead of time and give them a heads up. They can make sure they have plenty of lobster to accommodate. We also came from CTI and wanted to give CN a try this past spring. We enjoyed everything about it and will be heading back March 2013.

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    The Office of Nature is right up the beach past the Riu Tropical Bay.

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    Walk to the beach, make a right and walk to the 2nd Office of Nature. ( The 1st is a copy of the original.)
    They take a lobster out of the cage and grill it before your eyes! Delish! And bargain for your price (as is always the case in JA.)
    One Love, Gloria

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    As of last month, there were three such places you could pick from to have fresh lobster on the beach. We've had lobster and Red Stripe at the place the farthest from CN - it is almost next to the white Riu. Was delicious! You pick your live lobster from the crate in the water in front of their little set up and they cook it up for you over a wood fire and serve it with garlic butter. Pricing depends on the size of the lobster you choose - $20 seemed about average for our group of six. Have fun!

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    If you walk to the beach and take a right. Walk down about I guess a half mile there is the first office of nature. An octagon shaped bar. They grill fresh lobsters there. I have had one every time I go even though there is a lobster night on the resort. Its real cool to hang with the locals. On one occasion while I was waiting for my lobster one of the local fishing boats pulled up with a bonita (very good tuna) and they grilled it. They offered me some so of course I took it. Unbelievable. The only thing I would tell you is ask for one out of the trap. They did try to offer me a frozen lobster the first time. If for some reason that doesnt work for you continue down the beach another half a mile and there will be another office of nature with a blue tarp over it. Some say that is the "real" one. Enjoy!!

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    You are looking for The Office Of Nature. Go north (looking at the water go right). After a resort or two you will see the small bar/grill - the close OON. If you want to go further, walk another quarter mile to the original OON. Lobster over the fire was the best I ever had. Be prepared for the local hard sell for everything form Red Stripe to hair weaves and everything in between. Well worth the trip.

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    Thanks so much folks. We we give it a go!

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    We missed out on doing this. Sounds like a good time.

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