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    Default Deep Sea fishing at CSA

    My wife and I are staying at CSA 12/18 thru 12/26/2012 and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an off shore fishing trip ? The cost is $500 for 4 people. If there seems to be enough interest in doing this we can discuss it here and then sign up at the office after we arrive. Thanks !!!!
    Jim and Dianne Hammonds

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    Hi Jim & Dianne....My family and I will be at CSA from 12/16-23. I know my brother-in-law is wanting to do a fishing trip and if you can split the cost, even better. Just ring the Weaver's room (Kim and Clay)and we will try and hook you up with Ed, my brother-in-law. Look forward to meeting you two.

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    Hi Kim and Clay, thanks for the reply. we can certainly discuss that option. This will be our 3rd visit to CSA and i have alwyas wanted to try fishing in the Caribbean. I've been many times off the Texas coast. We arrive in Montego Bay around 6pm on the 18th so will give your room a call if it's not too late or on the 19th for sure. Thanks again for the note. Look forward to meeting you two also. Where are you from ? We live in Florida.

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    Hi again Jim & Dianne.....You should join us on the 19th to do the One Love Bus Pub Crawl. We will be picked up at 2ish in the lobby by Lenbert. If you want to check it out, go to Trip Advisor and search One Love Bus Pub Crawl, Negril, Jamiaca. Check out the reviews and pictures. The excursion is free, but you need to tip the driver $20-$25/2 for being so great and toting us around to all the different places. I'm sure the gas isn't cheap. You will also pay for any drinks or food you buy at the different places. This is our first time for the whole gang to Jamaica and to a Couples resort. We are soooo looking forward to it. My hubby, Clay, goes by Daniel, and I currently live in UT. We are traveling with my parents (Jane & Robert) and my sister and her hubby (Julie & Ed). The four of them live in IL. We are also traveling with our good friends from CO (Debbie & David). Great bunch of people. What part of Florida? I'm assuming one or both of you are from TX? What part? Look forward to hearing from you. WOO HOO it's soooo close.

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    Hello again. I will pass along the Pub Crawl info. We live in West Palm Beach. Moved here from Texas in 2006 to take care of wife's parents who have since passed away. We never thought we would retire to Florida. I was born in Dallas and Dianne has lived for about 35 yrs in TX so guess you could say she's a native too. Sounds like you have a great group traveling with you. Our last trip to CSA was 12/11/2010 and we were with a couple from the community we lived in. The guy was am amputee so we were limited to where we could go what we could do. He used a wheel chair lot. This trip will be our 3rd time and hopefully not the last. We look forward to getting together and talking. We are in our 60's but have really never acted our age. After all, you can't have fun if you do.

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