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    We will be at CSA starting April 30 - any news on his whereabouts?
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Thanks Iriemon, I posted on Feb.2012 Thread but got no response. You might check with "Ultimate Chocolate" at the piano bar, he was supposed to hold him if he needed a rest from the partying. Thanks "Ant"
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    I saw him on Jan 4th enjoying the beach with a really nice couple. We were leaving for the airport and he was blowing me kisses and telling me to come home soon. Wonder where he got himself to?

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    would be honored to be keepers of the torch on our next visit 5/23-6/1

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    It saddens me to say this...

    But we may need to face the fact that the original torch is gone. Hopefully he went home with someone who appreciates him.

    The reality is this...... He has not been heard from since Margaret & Martin posted about him Jan 7. It doesn't look good at this point.

    We need to have this discussion....... Do we want to try to start again with a new one?

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    Seems like the only right thing to do. It sure was fun tracking his adventures and all the new friends he would make each week. Maybe this time there should be a better plan/rules such as what to do if you can't find anyone to pass Mr. Torch to... Also not to pass him to anyone who is not a member of the MB. Plus take a picture of the "pass" and post it as soon as possible (before you leave if possible...) Here I have all this good advice and I have no idea when we will be back to even take part in the "Torch Passing" ourselves.

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    I am sorry to hear that Torch is no longer at CSA. It is very sad that someone was so selfish as to take him away from his home, family & the paradice where he lived. I can only hope he is given a good home.

    Spiff542 - You had a wonderful idea and I hope someone will be able to begin this tradition again in the near future. We will not be back to CSA until next December, but if there is no Torch II before that time, I will be happy to intorduce another.

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    I'm currently at CSA. I'll check with Untimate and see if he has seen our buddy Torch. If not, I will purchase a new one. Maybe we should pass him off at the Water Sports hut?? I'll talk to those guys to see if they are OK with it.

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    Thank you yazmon. This sounded like such a wonderful tradition to start. I was really disappointed when Torch went missing. Maybe every time he gets passed to the next person, we could post who has him. Seems like a lot of trouble, but at least we could keep track of him. I would hate to have him escape off the island again.

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    Yazmon you rock!!!! Hope to see Torch or TorchII in June. Posting who he was past to sounds good and more pics of what hes up to!!!

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    We will be at CSA on July 20th thru 27th. We would love to host the Torch if he reappears.

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    Default Torch Tv2 meets Tv3

    Hi guys-- we made it back from CSA. The photo is of Torch version 2 meeting Torch version 3. We decided that we needed a Torch in Peoria to pass around and take out to our favorite restaurants, so we took Tv2 home with us and left Tv3 with Robin and Joe and Robin's mom and step dad. When they left they were going to leave him at the Water Sports hut. We will let Robin confirm this.
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    To All,
    Yazmon left Torch v3 with Joe & I. Joe was able to whittle his name on his base.
    We had a blast with Torch 3.
    We took him on the Catamaran cruise. We did not let him swim since there were no life jackets that were small enough... he was happy to watch and drink his rum punch

    Name:  R1-05141-017A.jpg
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    We also took Torch to the pool one night and let him sit on a floaty...

    Name:  IMG_2038.JPG
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    Will have more later, having issues uploading more pics

    Joe and I left on Sunday 3-10, and left Torch in the trusty hands of Diane and John (my folks)
    they just returned on Wed 3-13, and have yet to send me their pics of Torch.
    I do know that they did find a very excited couple to hand torch off to for his next exciting vacation. I will have a picture of this lovely couple but do not know their names, so hopefully they will post their pics and tell us who has Torch after their adventure with him.

    One love

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    Nicely played, nicely played.... two huge thumbs up...!

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    Nice to keep the tradition going. We are arriving early on the 18th through to the 28th and would love to show him a good time. Maybe if we could arrange a spot to meet over a cold red stripe! Hopefully we can entertain Torch for a few days! Steve and Jo, Nova Scotia

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    My husband and I received Torch 2 and were able to have fun with him for a day and a half before we handed him off to another excited couple. We just got back last night. I will post pics in a bit.
    -Matt and Jacque, Arkansas

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    I did see Mr.Torch sitting under a palapa one day last week.

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    To all,
    I had to have my file size increased so that I could post more pics of Torch

    Did you know Torch is also an animal lover? He helped feed the cats on my folks verandah one morning...

    Name:  cat & torch.JPG
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    Torch is also a Green Bay Packer fan and joined me at the beach one morning...

    Name:  IMG_2048.JPG
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    After a few martini's one night, Torch decided he wanted to play pool.. he kicked our butts...

    Name:  IMG_2042.JPG
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    Diane and John also had a great time with Torch and had him learn how to make jewerly one morning...

    Name:  IMG950536.jpg
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    I will send more tomorrow as I have exceeded my limit for pics per post


    Torch V3 enjoying breakfast with John at the Palms
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    Hi all. We arrived on the 18th. Looking for the little guy. Anyone know where he may be hanging out at? Like to take him on the pub crawl tomorrow, maybe Ricks on Thursday, and diving a few times. We're here til the 28th.

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    Hope hubby and I see him when we visit next year! Hopefully, maybe later this year
    Lame folks suck...

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    Hey guys! Here are the pics that we have from the day that we got to spend with Torch.
    Name:  Jamaica 077.jpg
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Size:  139.9 KB Here he is playing with one of the sand crabs
    Name:  Jamaica 081.jpg
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Size:  313.2 KB He decided to make the long walk down to Hedo. Needless to say we turned around at the sign.

    Had fun with him and can't wait to go back!

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    RobinH, great job playing hostess to Torch. Great pictures too. Two HUGE thumbs up...!

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    You may want to check with the water sports guys, Torch V3 is suppose to be taken to them if he can not be passed along to another vacationing couple (Yazmon set this up with the water sports guys before he left).
    I'm not sure that this important instruction was actually relayed from Diane and John to the next couple...
    Whom I just so have a pic of...

    Please advise if you know who this fabulous couple is andwho they handed Torch V3 off to...

    Name:  Pass the torch on 3-12.jpg
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    Torch spent his last day with Diane & John at CSA on the beach next to a palm tree, reflecting on what a wonderful time he is having with all his new peeps....

    Name:  PART951363366951140.jpg
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    Ok, who has Torch V3? Inquiring minds would like to know...

    One love

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    Hi guys, were sad that we lost are "little guy" but the tradition lives on. Thanks Yazman for geting this going again and we look forward to seeing him in December. We have not given up on "Torch" and hope he reappears at CSA in the future. Lets all try to keep this going and keep close track of "Torch V3" !
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    Steve & Diane will be at CSA Apr 19-25 and would love to host Torch! What a great idea! I'm not sure how we find out who has him and how he gets to us though. Let us know!

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