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    Default ipod docking question

    Hey all!

    New to the Apple husband just won a 4th generation ipod shuffle (hopefully just in time to use in our room Dec. 9th!!). Can't find definitive answers online as to if it will work in a regular docking station. It does come with its own USB cable. TIA for the info! See CSA in 1 week!!!!!

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    We stayed at CSA in 2009, they had an ipod dock, we used it every night & fell asleep to the sweet sound of Reggae

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    Yes, i've used mine in their docking station...but i cant remember if i used usb or an auxiliary cord. You might want to bring both. Or you can by travel speakers this way you can take it with you on balcony or beach.

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    i4 should fit the dock...not so lucky w/my i5.

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    They only have the old style 30 pin adaptors, not the iphone5 type yet. It will not fit your shuffle

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