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Thread: CSS or CTI?

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    I am planning my honeymoon in Ochos Rios. I am having trouble deciding between Tower Isle and San Souci, and I'm looking for opinions!

    Things that are important to me are nice rooms and bathrooms at the more basic room levels. (garden suite, etc), great food, snorkeling, and activities
    My fiance and I are both super pale, so shade availability at the beach and pools are critical.
    Not as important: spa facilities, fitness facilities, nearness of rooms to facilities (gotta walk off those drinks!)

    Any help on making my decision would be much appreciated!!! I can't wait for my honeymoon!

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    At CTI the Superior Ocean bathrooms are similar to a typical Holiday inn bathroom: vanity, toilet and shower. Very minimal but functional - not a ton of room to move around. We haven't stayed in the Garden rooms at CTI, but assume they are similar.

    At CSS, the least expensive category this time (just booked) was One Bedroom Beachfront Suite. We have stayed in this category before and loved it! The bathrooms in these suites are quite spacious, with a jacuzzi, two vanities, large shower, a window - a more luxurious feel to them than the ones at CTI.

    You'll be able to find shade as needed at either resort, really. Not a worry.

    Spa facilities at both places are incredible.

    Fitness facility at both CTI and CSS are a/c, but CSS they have better equipment in my opinion.

    Depending on your room category you can walk quite a distance to get somewhere at CSS, whereas CTI is more compact and you won't have a long haul to get anywhere.

    I love both places. But if the bathroom is high on your priority list, for a lower room rate, then CSS is the way to go!
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    Thank you for your suggestion! I'm looking at available rooms at CSS, and all that is available is the Deluxe Ocean, Deluxe Ocean Verandah, and One Bedroom Ocean Suite. No jacuzzi in any of those, unfortunately. Tower Isle has the Superior Ocean left.

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    I would recommend CSS. We recently stayed at both and strongly prefer CSS over CTI.

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    I've stayed at both and prefer CTI. The resort is more intimate than CSS. The stairs at CSS really became a pain - getting dressed nice for dinner and hiking up the hill . I did prefer the spa at CSS - the over the cliff huts for a couples massage were amazing - that was the only thing for me CSS has over CTI. We were just there in November.

    At CTI it is easy to "check out" the entertainment and decide if you are up for it or not ... and CSS ... you are making a commitment just by going to where it is at night.

    You really can't go wrong in either place!! Relax and have fun.

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    My vote is for CSS. We have stayed 3 times in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite and loved it. We even had 2 bathrooms!! And the views from some of the balconies are wonderful. Sitting out there with a cocktail at dusk with your Honey is pure perfection. The whole atmosphere exudes romance. We traded places with CTI once and left early to come back to CSS. It was just not for us, nice but not very tropical. Whichever you choose will be wonderful. After all, you'll be on your Honeymoon with the love of your life! Congrats!

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    Given those choices we'd go for the Deluxe Ocean Verandah or One Bedroom Ocean Suite at CSS. Both have beautiful views and larger balconies.

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    Thank you everyone! We decided to go with the one bedroom ocean suite in CSS. We're going to do the one day at CTI so we can experience it too. I can't wait!

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