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    Default CSA Room upgrade categories sold out?

    Hi friends! After what seems like endless research my BF and I have decided to take a 6 day trip to CSA at the end of February. YIPPEEEEE! We had our hearts set on an Atrium Suite and now when we went to purchase, the only room category available is the Garden View. Would you recommend we try to change our dates or are there any odds that an Atrium Suite will open up?

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    If you are set on atrium i would tell you to change your dates. During high season it would be unlikely, not to say it couldn't happen, but unlikely such a popular room category will open up.

    I will say, we have only stayed in garden, and the first time i almost didn't book because i wanted anything other than garden. But we loved it, and have booked everytime since. Its private, tropical, and everything is such a short walk at CSA so never far from the action. Plus with the reduced price tag we can stay longer. Just my two cents...

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    IMO, the room at CSA really does not matter. It is the RESORT itself that is what matters. All of the rooms there with the exception of the GHJS are pretty much in need of some TLC. SO jusst go ahead and boot the Garden View maybe stay an extra day or two and enjoy!

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    CDDS, when you close your eyes at night, it doesn't matter where you are. The important thing is being at Swept Away!!!! Go

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    Try calling a travel agent. Sometimes they have access to blocks of rooms that are set aside for them and thus not available on the website. Just a thought.

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    Randymon posted on this a while back. It took me a little while to find it using search.


    His post is full of excellent info about your dilemma, and why there still is a chance of you booking what you want.

    Long story short: CALL 1-800-COUPLES

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