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    Default Red white and blue number ll

    Time to start planning the 2nd annual CN "Red..White...and Blue" July 4th Celebration. Last year's party on July 4th was a hit with both staff and guests alike. With over 20 couples proudly wearing the "colors" and waving old glory..the picture ops and swim up pool bar party were AWESOME!!!! We even had a Union Jack flag in the and blue...
    We just returned from a 10 day stay for Super Bowl week and the entertainment staff asked and was quite happy that we are returning in June for another 10 day stay....June 27-July 7th.
    Anyone else going to be there July 4th 2012?
    Anyone who was there last year for the party..returning this year?
    With the help of the entertainment staff..we hope to outdue the 2011 party.....

    We will be there....Tuesday June 27 through Saturday July 7th....(John's B'day the 6th)

    The Captain (John) and Cheryl Ann....Mount Laurel NJ...

    28th Jamaica visit....8th Couples visit.....7th CN visit...

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    Of course it should be Number II..... not Number LL....Captain throws a great party but his typing leaves a lot to be desired!!!!!

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    Hi John,

    Shame we will not be there this year (so no British flag) but will enjoy our trip in may.
    By the way............It's only a Union Jack if flown from a ship.
    Otherwise it is referred to as the Union flag.........
    Doesn't bother me but you know how people can be.

    Have a good one...

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    Greetings, Captain!
    We've 'met' on another thread. We'll be at CN until the 29th, but I'm hoping to toast with you our last night there, the 28th....? As a veteran of ten years riding submarines for Uncle Sam, I'm all about red, white, and blue. But, since we'll not be staying through the 4th, maybe we can warm you up on the 28th with twleve ounce curls (multiple sets, of course!). Anchors Away, Baby!
    Come Soon,

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    THANK YOU for your service!!!!

    Hope to meet up with you on the 27th.....I'll ask Franklyn at the pool bar if you are there.....

    If you see an American Eagle wrapped in "Old Glory" on a left leg from ankle to knee....say's me!

    The Captain..

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    Hey Everyone We spent last 4th of July with Captain and Cheryl Ann at CN and we had a blast. Any of you
    thinking of coming to CN around that time, come on! The resort has a great "grill out" for the day and they make the best red, white and blue drinks(Miami vice). We can't wait to go back this year!

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    CN....July 4th 2012...anyone else?

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    Sorry guys but we are in CSS this year in 44 days. Check out the post for Red, White and Blue III in 2013. We just booked for 28 June to 06 July 2013. Can't pass up the free night. We hope that may be that crazy ninjaz9r couple can make it for #III. Not that we would miss the Union Flag, but is always nice to see old friends and meet new ones.

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    Hi Bruce and Brenda...sorry we won't see you there this year...but it looks like we are going to book July 2 to July 9 for the 2013 we hope to see you then!

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    Anyone going to be ther July 4 th?

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    Dave & Ginger will be at CN June 29th - July 6th.

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    Hi Dave and Ginger...look forward to seeing you there..we all wear on July 4th...great photo ops...good party..swim up bar around 1 PM..

    We are there June 27-July 7...look for the monkey's us!

    John and Cheryl Ann

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    Hard to believe it will just be the 4 of us at CN for the 4th of July.

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    Plus Jimmie and it's at least was the same last we got closer to June/July this idea kind of took on a life of it's own and when all was said and done we had in excess of 20 couples PARTYING!!!!!!!
    The photos were was even entered in the July Couples photo contest...( prob) "Uncle Sam" hat and the wife's stars and stripes bikini are ready for another 4th at CN..

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    Looks like the pool won't be very crowded!

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    The Captain did a great job planning this last year. We had such a fun time. It was probably one of the best meet-ups of all time that we've participated in at CN. We can't be there this year, but have fun!

    Couldn't resist posting this picture!

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    Thanks for the kind was a blast....sorry we won't see you there this year...but we are already booked July 2 to July 11 2013...maybe you can join us for Red..White...Blue III...

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    Kelly Thanks for posting this pic. Brought back great memories of our trip last year! We are looking forward to July 4th this year too.
    Mariann and Jimmy
    Huntsville, Alabama

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    Hey Captain, post a picture of you and your bride in your profile so we can find you at CN.
    Dave & Ginger

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    Dave and Ginger....look poolside for the monkey near the ping pong can't miss us..

    PS...that's me in the picture with the Uncle Sam hat...

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    We always arrive a couple days too late to join your party. That will change next year as we are booked to arrive the afternoon on July 4, 2013. Red, White and Blue III here we come!

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    Glad you guys enjoyed the picture. It was definitely a fun day! Sorry we won't be there this year or for RWB III in 2013. We are booked for December 2013 instead. We have never been in December. Hope its still a nice 80 something degrees that time of year too.

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    What a shame! Looks like I'll have more flags than people to wave them!!!!

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