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    Default Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

    It seems like the topic of "photography" comes up quite often in this forum. I have to agree, that your wedding photos are very important as they are your memories from your wedding day. While budget is always a concern, remember that after your wedding you will have each other, your rings, and your photos.

    I have seen several great photos from the staff photographers at Couples, as well as from other outside vendors. When selecting a photographer, look at their style, their personality, and samples of their work. Do you like more traditional or more modern? Do you like posed or more natural expressions? There is not a right or wrong's just what you prefer.

    From June 28, 2013 to July 5, 2013 I will be staying at CSS. I am a professional wedding photographer based in Las Vegas. I would love to photograph one or two couples while I am staying at the resort. Feel free to look at my website (Las Vegas and Southern California Wedding Photographer) and contact me if you are interested in putting together a custom package. You will not have to pay the $500 outside vendor fee becuase I will already be a paying guest at the resort.

    Happy wedding planning to you all!

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    You have share quite useful information here.. I was looking for a professional Wedding Photographer for my sister marriage .It would be nice if you provide your contact number.

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    Thank you! Please take a look at my website Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Cardin Creative Photography and email me if you are interested in discussing a wedding photography package chelsy(at)

    As mentioned above, I will be at CSS from June 28 to July 5. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I am glad I came by this forum and got to visit your site which is very wonderful. I will also email you with some of my questions.

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    Just a friendly reminder that I will be at CSS from June 28-July 5. If you are looking for wedding or couple photos, feel free to contact me to book an appointment time. Email: chelsy(at) Website: Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Cardin Creative Photography

    See you in a few weeks!

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