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    Default Great house Rooms at CSA

    Who here prefers these compared to the other rooms? Do they all have a beach view? I know some wrap around the side so I wasn't sure what type of view these had. Is there any noise issues from the club?
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    I really like the great house rooms. Not all of them have a beach view though but I think they all at least have a lush tropical view. The first time we went we had a peek of ocean view above the palm trees and we were on the 2nd floor. We spent a lot of time at the swim up bar/pool so being in close proximity to that was really nice. Also they're very convenient to Feathers, Patois, and Aura.

    There aren't any noise issues from the club at all. The only noise we ever heard was during the repeaters dinner at Patois but it ended at around 9:30pm

    Hope that helps!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Who here prefers these compared to the other rooms? Do they all have a beach view? I know some wrap around the side so I wasn't sure what type of view these had. Is there any noise issues from the club?

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    We have stayed in a couple different room types around the property, and actually prefer to be in the Greathouse. It is closest to our favorite restaurant (Patois) and the swim up bar. I don't ever recall having any noise problems from the club. If you like to catch a nap out on your verandah in the middle of the day, you may have some noise issues from guests at the swim up bar, though. Also, the main entry doors leading to guest rooms can be rather loud, so if your room is close to them, you could hear them closing frequently during the night as late-night guests come in and out.

    I believe all rooms have at least a partial view of the sea. Certainly, the four GHJS rooms have a view, as they are front and center. The Greathouse Verandah rooms are on either side of the suites. The one we have stayed in (room 5201) faced the CSA property and did have a view of the beach as well (some have more direct views than others). The rooms on the other side have a view of the property next door, which is not as when you arrive, ask to be placed in a room facing the CSA property. Of course, there are no guarantees as this will be based on current availability. From what I could tell, the Greathouse Verandah rooms that are likely to have the best views without being right next to the entry doors are 5105, 5106, 5205 and 5206. 5107 and 5207 would also be great views...but I think those may actually be suites. Attached is a picture of our night time view from 5201.
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    We like that whole side of the resort so we always request a verandah room on that side. I thought about switching to a great house room but I don't want a view south and the stairs may be a bad idea after drinking all day. It sounds like the jacuzzi suites are the way to go but it's not worth that extra cost to me.

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    We actually will only stay in the Great House for now on if we ever return to CSA. We had booked a BFVS and were a bit disappointed in it. Luckily the Front Office Manger moved us into a GHJS on our 3rd day. WOW.....what a beautiful room. It was bright, airy, a lot of natural light and spacious. The bathroom was beautiful!

    We heard ZERO noise from any where at any time during our 5 nights in the GHJS unless we had the balcony doors open. I believe there is only one room that has a less then fantastic view. It is on the backside of the building looking down into a passageway.

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    Why were you dissapointed in the BFVS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Why were you dissapointed in the BFVS?
    we had just come from a Beachfront Suite at Couples Negril which was BEAUTIFUL! Then we checked into a BFVS at CSA. It was small, dark, the bathroom needed to be remodeled at least 5 years prior and was so tiny. When you have the word "suite" in a room description I expect a decent room. Not something that is smaller and darker then a Motel 6. Maybe if we had not just come from CN it would not had been such a shock to the system.

    The room was just NOT what we thought it would be for the price we paid. Needed a lot of TLC, had plumbing issues on top of everything else..........

    We were on the second floor which was nice....view was OK but a big palm tree was smack in the middle of the balcony. Nature is nature though and we would never want them to cut a tree for a view.

    The GHJS is the only way we would ever go back to CSA. Maybe a premium Beachfront Suite but that was not an option when we booked.

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    I, on the other hand, would never stay in the Great House! We only do a BFVS and love it! The Great House rooms are next to the swim up bar, which at times gets very loud and rowdy. Not good if you're trying to have a conversation on your balcony or want to take a nap.I prefer to sit on my veranda and look out at the beautiful, peaceful sea. Different strokes for different people. I guess any room is fine..heck you're in Negril!

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