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    Default Mini Golf at CSA?

    One of the other threads mentioned a new mini golf area at CSA by the tennis courts being built last March. Is this complete? How is it?
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    Anyone? Anyone?

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    Still wondering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Still wondering...
    I am wondering the same.....I also saw some mention of it a while back, but nothing since. Am hoping it is true for our visit in March.

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    We were just there Dec. 3-8th. We took the orientation tour and she never mentioned it if it is there and
    we didn't see it. Awesome time though!

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    Did the tour go across the street by the tennis courts? There is a lot of stuff over there you can miss if you don't walk around. If it is really there, I could see it being hidden over there. I just think someone from Couples could respond either way.

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    She did take us across to the sports/spa area. I do remember her saying something about the tennis courts. To be
    honest we took our tour after our first and only Bob Marley shots so we may have missed her saying something about mini golf. ha ha

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    When i was there in october there was no mention of a mini golf course on the tour, and did not notice it when we spent time across the street for pool and ping pong

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    No mini golf, I was all over that place in October, and if it was there I would have seen it, at least before drinking a lot of Rum Cream for the day.

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    Yup, Jamaican grass on the putting green. Putters are available at the sports desk. It's located behind the clay courts, between the old manicure hut and the repair shop between the track. Let us know how it is.

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    Cool! I also hear they had added a shuffle board court. Is that in the same area?

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