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    Default Soo sad in colorado

    Its our 43rd Anniv. today and we are normally packing but this year we are not going. I reroofed the house this summer before I turn 65 Dec 26th and be too old too climb up there. All done and I didn't fall off. My thinking is I saved enough to go back home to CSA next year.Will miss playing volleyball and seeing all our good friends we made over the years. CSAvet have a drink for me and I'm sure you wont miss me singing out of tune. I have to go drown my sorrow now but at least we still have a bottle of Rum Cream left,Irie,Art & Pat

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    Sorry you'll miss CSA this year sandman but hopefully we can celebrate 66 with you next year if you're there at Christmas! My better half will 65 next Dec 10 so it will double celebation!!! Till next year! Helen&Paul

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    I gotta chime in here. I do that for a living and if you didn't save enough for the full trip, you probably came close. About you not falling,great. We have a saying at work," it's not the falling that will get you, it's that sudden stop at the bottom". Enjoy the Rum Cream!

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