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    Default Resort Photographer CTI?

    Hi, it seems everyone is bringing their own photographer with them to the resorts but I was just wondering if anybody used the resort photographer....that was what we were planning on doing but now I'm worried. If anyone has any advice please share, it would be appreciated.

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    When are you getting married? I am getting married on 8/31 at TI and plan on using the resort photographer...I will post my pics when I get back home ...but would love to see other peoples pics too from the resort photographer @ TI

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    Our wedding is booked for april 15th, 2010. Would be so interested in seeing your photos when you get back. What time in the day are you guys getting married?

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    Default CTI resort photographer

    Rohan at CTI did our photography. The photos were wonderful, we couldn't have been happier. Also, he was very fun to work with and he managed to keep it completely stress free, simple and fun which was very important to because my hubby can get impatient when it comes to pics, etc.

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    Thanks for the info...that's great to hear.

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    We got married at CTI on 20th june 2009,and we used nicholas the resort photographer, he was amazing and did exactly what we wanted, if you would like to see some pictures, email me at

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    Hi crazy and michelle...if you could please email you a link for your pictures at Also, ringlis as soon as I get back I will post a full review

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    I used the resort photographer at CTI, Rohan. He did a fabulous job. You can view a few of my pics here.

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