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    Default Flights from Minneapolis, MN?

    Hello all,

    First post here...though I have been reading for months in anticipation of going on my honeymoon to CSS in October of next year! Reading this message board has only gotten me more and more excited for next Oct!

    I just wanted to ask a question about flights. Now that flight rates have been published for the time period of our trip, I'm very anxious about booking them. I realize that nobody can predict what flight prices will do, but I guess I'm just checking to see if there is anybody else on here has flown from the Twin Cities and see what they would classify as a "good" rate. I don't travel much and this is my first international trip so I really have no frame of reference.

    Right now the best rate I can get is $534 (including taxes) round trip. Would I be stupid to book at this price?

    I have read many of the posts on flights on this board and I've seen many people suggest to wait until 3 or 4 months out. One question to those people - Are you usually able to get in and out of MBJ at your preferred times or would you be sacrificing that if you wait? Basically, what I mean is that I would prefer to get in early on our arrival date and leave in the afternoon on our departure. If you wait, do you typically have a lot less flight options in that regard?

    I realize these may be dumb questions for the seasoned traveler, but I need all the help I can get!

    Dreaming of CSS everyday...


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    $534 is a pretty good price out of Minneapolis. We are flying out of Minneapolis at the end of this week, and we booked our flight back in May. We paid $1400 for both of us with all the taxes and fees. I kept checking the prices after we booked, and the prices never seemed to get much better. The only thing to be aware of when booking this early is that your flights and times may change more than once. Yes, the closer to your date you book, you run the risk of not getting the flights you want with the times you want. But, I think, that is not a problem unless you are waiting until two or maybe three months before your trip. You would be safe waiting until Spring, but at the price you mentioned, I would book now.

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    We are from the twin cities and typically go to Jamaica in April. This year we are going to CSS April 12-19. The rate you posted seems like a good price to me. It is a little lower than we are paying in April. Other than peak winter travel when there are charters from MSP you will likely have to fly through another city like Atlanta, Chicago or Miami. If it was me, I would book it now. Have a great honeymoon!

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    We paid $593 total each last April from Minneapolis for our trip leaving on Friday. So that seems like a pretty decent rate to me.

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    I'm assuming that your price is based on a 1-stop flight which isn't too bad. If you are interested in additional savings, you might consider an overnight stopover. We did that last time through cheapoair. We flew into Charlotte Sunday evening, stayed overnight at a run-of-the-mill hotel (with free shuttle to/from airport), and left on an early flight to Jamaica the next morning. Even after adding the cost of the hotel, we still saved almost $100 per ticket. Plus, we don't really like to arrive at the resort late in the day because you are pretty tired from traveling and essentially end up paying for a full day all-inclusive rate for dinner and a room for the night.

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    I booked back in June for our trip next April and with the fees it came to 450 pp. I jumped on it . We have a shorter layover in Miami (AA) on the way down and a maybe 2/3 hour layover in Chicago on the way home. Not ideal but it's the best I've seen since. In my experience, if you can get a flight out of msp for less than 500, you're doing pretty good. I really miss the direct flights but you have to travel in high season to get those.
    I would just book it, it could be worse.

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    We will be going to CSS March 7-16 this coming year (3 months 3 days left!!) When we first started looking at booking, we decided that if we found rates for less than $500, we would book them. We ended up getting our flights for $517 each. We booked those back in like April or maybe early May of this year. Since then, we have been keeping track of flight times and prices, and have not found any cheaper flights as of yet. TNT is correct about the flights changing. Since we booked, both our outbound and return flights got changed. They weren't horrible changes, and we only lose out on maybe an hour of Jamaica time.

    On a completely seperate note, I totally forgot about doing my DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92 days and counting!!!!

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    Thank you both for the feedback! I did go ahead and book the flights. Sure it's possible they may decrease at some point but I figure at least it's done and I don't have to worry about checking prices every other less thing to think about when it comes to our wedding planning.

    Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your respective trips to Couples!

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    That seems like a pretty decent deal. We are from MN and fly out of MSP to MBJ every January, and we usually cash in miles, however if you can get a flight between $400-500, I would say book it now. It also depends on which airline you are flying and how many changes there will be. We have flown Delta the last two years and gone thru ATL and the flight time has never changed and that is with booking the flight 4-6 months out. We booked thru AA for this upcomming trip and the times have already changed once.

    I also saw a deal thru Couples where they are offering a $1000 airfaire credit; however you will have to check if your dates and resort apply for this deal.

    Ashley & Terry

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    Wow...when I responded yesterday I had only seen the first two responses. Thanks for all the feedback...looks like we have quite a few people from the Twin Cities area on this board!

    Too see something less than $500 would have been amazing but I'm pretty happy with the $534 rate and also just to have it booked is a good feeling...I'll keep an eye on flight time changes.

    jamaican_junkie - I hadn't thought of an overnight stopover since we are locked in our schedule at this point (Fri-Wedding, Sat-spend time with friends/family, Sun-fly to CSS!), but that's something that I think I'd definitely be interested in doing in the future on return trips! Great idea to save some cash.

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    We fly out of Minneapolis. three years ago our tickets ran around 500 a piece (we flew via Delta). This year, we asked our travel agent for flights that would not make us change planes and just have a direct flight, they are still about the same cost, $500 per, we are flying with Sun Country this year. I think the later you wait, the higher the costs, but booking now for October is very early as well.

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    that is a good price - and worse case you can buy insurance and rebook if a screaming deall comes up - enjoy

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    Jamaicaready, we love Sun Country and I just wish they had more flights in April

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    We're trying the overnight thing this year. I don't think it saved us much money, but we're hoping to reduce the stress of the travel day and maybe get into MBJ a little earlier!

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