Hello all,

First post here...though I have been reading for months in anticipation of going on my honeymoon to CSS in October of next year! Reading this message board has only gotten me more and more excited for next Oct!

I just wanted to ask a question about flights. Now that flight rates have been published for the time period of our trip, I'm very anxious about booking them. I realize that nobody can predict what flight prices will do, but I guess I'm just checking to see if there is anybody else on here has flown from the Twin Cities and see what they would classify as a "good" rate. I don't travel much and this is my first international trip so I really have no frame of reference.

Right now the best rate I can get is $534 (including taxes) round trip. Would I be stupid to book at this price?

I have read many of the posts on flights on this board and I've seen many people suggest to wait until 3 or 4 months out. One question to those people - Are you usually able to get in and out of MBJ at your preferred times or would you be sacrificing that if you wait? Basically, what I mean is that I would prefer to get in early on our arrival date and leave in the afternoon on our departure. If you wait, do you typically have a lot less flight options in that regard?

I realize these may be dumb questions for the seasoned traveler, but I need all the help I can get!

Dreaming of CSS everyday...