My husband and I got married at CTI June 1 this year, and we just booked a first anniversary trip to CN and are SOOOOOO excited! (180 excruciating days to go!!)

Last trip, we didn't leave the resort much at all. I had unfortunately suffered a 3rd degree burn from a motorcycle exaust 2 weeks before our wedding trip (stupid, lucky me!), so this trip I'm excited to be able to experience more than last time. You know it's the perfect resort when you can still fall in love with it under those conditions.

So for the suggestion: Wouldn't it be great if there were an area on the website that listed some of the top off-site excursions with some approx. prices so that couples could sort of plan ahead for one before they arrive at the resort? Not only would it be great to plan financially, it would give those of us who count down for So LONG some "planning" to do to pass the time!

I know that the excursions are not affiliated with couples, but it'd be exciting to have some options to chew on. Couples might even find a way to make it lucritive (like charging a small fee for advertising). Who knows. Also, not that you even HAVE to leave the resort to have a perfect vacation .... we'd like to explore!

At any rate, we are so excited to come back to our new home in May! It's great to have a reason to watch this awesome message board again!