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    Default Message Board Updates

    Is it me, or are there fewer updates of the Message Board? The last update I saw was 11/25 and today is 11/27?????

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    It's all done on Jamaican time. No hurry, no problem.

    I have been on the message board for nearly eight years and this comment pops up several times every year. It runs in cycles, usually around holidays. The board updates have never been on any sort of predictable schedule, usually once a day or so. But sometimes there will be lag of a couple/three days in updates. I know we get impatient waiting for replies to questions that may be important to us, but just hang in there. As they say in Jamaica "Soon come".

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    In Jamaica there are no such things as problems. . . only situations.

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    There have been thread posts at the top but I haven't seen any replies below posted. I wish there was a moderator instead of this once a day post approval. I get hooked on the board every few months only to quit altogether for a while because I feel like nothing ever gets approved quick enough.

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