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    Hey there -

    My husband and I tried for a few years, went to the fertility doctor who found nothing wrong, tried a few things, but to no avail. We decided to just relax, have a lot of fun and revisit the effort in a year or so if nothing happened before then. We went on our first trip to CSS in January 2013 and loved it so much, we booked again for June. About a month after booking, we found out that I am pregnant. We still went on our trip in June and had a wonderful time.

    It was super relaxing, the food was great, the staff was wonderful, as usual. I was 4 months pregnant when we were there and did a lot of sleeping. Don't worry about whether or not you'll feel sick. Every pregnancy is different and I personally didn't experience too much sickness. Just relax, enjoy your time together and no worries! I know that everyone tells you to relax when TTC, but it really is the best advice, although the most difficult to follow.

    Best of luck and have a great trip!

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    My 2 cents....

    Plan your vacations around your life, not your life around your vacations.
    This is true for my wife and I (33 years married next month), but I realize it may not be the right path for everyone.

    Whatever the two of you decide together will be right for you.
    Best of luck -

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    We tried for over 10 years to get pregnant using every conceivable product, shortcut, trick, and science known to man. It just never happened. I hope for you that it doesn't happen that way. Thanks for the update, I was curious how things had went for you. My one piece of advice (and I don't give advice easily when it comes to infertility)....don't stop living your life. Enjoy your trips, enjoy each other, and keep living. That's something we didn't do and I regret it wholeheartedly!

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    My husband and I were trying for over 3 yrs. I was hoping that the relaxation with our trip last November would be our lucky ticket but it did not happen. We finally just figured that it was not going to happen and pretty much gave up. Apparently, that was the answer. Finally giving up and just relaxing about it resulted in me getting pregnant. I am 7 weeks along and still have every intention of going on our trip that we scheduled for November. So my advice would be don't put your life on hold. Just live life and relax. It will happen when you least expect it. Good luck to you.

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    We got married in Jamaica Oct. 2011 and I had my baby last October. Guess what? We're going back to CTI for our second anniversary! And we're using the trip as our time to decided to have another one or not. You CAN go away after having a baby and I think you should! We have had little to no us time since having our baby girl. We love her like crazy but also need us time. So as long has you have someone to watch the baby for a bit (our parents are fight over who gets to) then its OK!

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