Please I need your help. Meaning ppl who know and love their Jamaican vacations dearly! Matt and I have been married for 3 years, and together for almost 10. Yes, I was young about 17 when we met. We decided that we would start trying to conceive in October of this year. Well we went for October and it did not happen. This month I can't stop thinking about one last pre-baby trip to Jamaica.

Should we push back trying until May or June and have our 4 trip to Jamaica? I'm thinking trying to conceive on vacation. All of our friends have kids and I watch my 11 month old niece so I know how much work it is.

It's just everyone here keeps telling me I can go on vacation after the baby. Hahahaha whose is going to watch our child for 6-9 days? And whose to say I would even be able to leave my child at home.

So is another 7 to 8 months of waiting to conceive that big a deal? I'm 27 he's 32.
Any advice is appreciated. Going before pregnancy, during, or after what do you guys think?