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    Default The 2013 Couples Resorts Calendar is here.

    Greetings to all:

    The Issa Trust Foundation is pleased to advise that Couples Resorts 2013 Calendars are here.

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    For a donation of $25 - or two for $40 - we will send to you. Just go to Issa Trust Foundation - Enriching Lives in Jamaica. Be sure to put "2013 Calendar" in the comment field. What a great stocking stuffer - or just a friendly reminder of your pending 2013 stay with us. :-)

    We appreciate your continued support and donations.
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    Couples Resorts

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    You have the url wrong. It should be Issa Trust Foundation - Enriching Lives in Jamaica You have the "www." in the wrong place.

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    We'd love to donate an have a2013 Couple calender, But the Issa foundation link wont open, In our Browser,, just displays error
    As this calendar may keep us happy until we can
    Truly Come Home To Vacation Home CTI Feb2014 Is all ready being planned and saved for,, Please let us know how soon we can book
    Couples Resorts Staff, Shows so much care for there guests!
    This will be our second trip an Truly Understand why Couples is called Home
    Thanks for doing it so Well!

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    Hooray!!! I was just saying I needed one for next year!

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    Thank you! Just made my donation and it will be a great stocking stuffer for my hubby!!

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    Woohoo! I made my donation and asked for a calendar in the "comment" section, is that what I'm supposed to do?

    Can't wait, this will make a great gift for B's office wall!

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    Ordered ours!!

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    I ordered one as well. Godiva, I did the same as you. We should be all set.

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    Just got my calendar in the mail. It will help get me through the next 118 days which is my next trip to CN. :-)

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    I ordered two but only got one. Hopefully the other one will show up soon...

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    Got mine today. Just love it. 47 more days to paradise for me. My work life has been so crazy - ths calendar will help me make it through until I go home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srtaylor View Post
    I ordered two but only got one. Hopefully the other one will show up soon...
    Still only one and my emails go unanswered.

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    Can anybody tell me how long it takes to get the calendar after donating? Its been 2 weeks already and I am still waiting patiently. Can't wait to get it to remind me of Jamaica everyday and to keep me thinking warm thoughts in this cold weather in New England.

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    Toesinthesandgirl - it shouldn't be much longer! Mine came in about 2 weeks!

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