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    Hey gang

    My wife and I -49 and 51 -will be in CSS next week

    I was talking about the AN beach as a joke and she caled my bluff
    and agreed to go.

    We have never been to a resort that offers this option.

    Can you put a cover up on to use the bathroom or the bar if you
    have been sun bathing nude?

    Wasnt sure how strict it was.

    How do the guys feel about their wives walking around in the Birthday Suits?

    Thanks and we look forward to a new adventure!

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    I don't think anyone will say anything to you if you temporarily put on a cover up to use the restroom or get a drink, but you may feel more out of place if you do, especially at the bar.

    As far as seeing your wife walking around naked for all to see, I think it is gratifying for both of you. You each enjoy doing it for yourselves personally as well as for each other.

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    Oh man, you are in for a treat! My wife and I were newbies to the AN thing two years ago. I was totally up for it as I can't imagine a better way of life than wandering around all day checking out my naked wifey! She was happy to try it but I could tell she had reservations. They didnt last long and she is as keen on it now as I am.

    So, fret ye not sir! You will both love it and please don't concern yourself about others seeing your SO naked, unless of course you are not secure in your relationship. It is not a sexual atmosphere and it is so weird that, even as a newbie, within minutes of de-frocking you will wonder what all the fuss society makes about nudity! It is relaxed, friendly and morish!

    Take some time to read the 'feedback after your vacation' thread here in the AN section (not far from here) and you will see what others views are. Believe me, you will never wear swimwear again and you will be amazed how much you and your wife will enjoy the experience. You may even take the idea home with you! All shapes and sizes inhabit SSB and they are an incredibly friendly bunch. No singles allowed so less likely to be guests there purely for gawking. Only 'sneeky peaks' allowed!

    have a great time. Irie

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    Since it is couples only on the au natural areas, I don't think anyone will be checking you or your wife out. That is not what it is about.
    To give you an example, On one of our trips, some body paint was brought out! During the course of the body paint being applied, one of the guys painted a thong on his wife. Well, believe it or not, I then noticed her butt, and thought I should not be looking at her butt. After the paint was removed, I didn't notice her butt anymore. Strange, but true!
    Have a great time!

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    Hi monobrow1,
    We LOVE CSS and SSB and think you and your wife will too after you get over your initial nervousness! When you get there, you will see that it not "sexual" environment at all. Just folks who enjoy being naked in the Jamaican sunshine!

    As for covering up when going to get a drink or the bathroom, hubby and I don't--and from my observations over 5 visits--most others don't either.

    Have a wonder trip and especially enjoy SSB!

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    Thanks Sounds like a blast!

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    you are going to have a great time!

    Cover ups--no, except that some will put a towel across their lap when sitting at the lunch tables eating
    (nothing worse than hot grease falling in the nether regions)
    but other than that is not considered appropriate to cover up when walking around.
    Just walk to the bar or where ever and enjoy the freedom

    As far as your wife being nude-we find it to be very relaxing
    you don't have to worry about adjusting the swim suit
    there is nothing to hide for anyone so it is much less about what you have than it is about who you are

    Enjoy the adventure. For most of us, it is why we go to CSS
    I can't imagine not having SSB


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    My wife and I are in our early 50s and reasonably fit. New to Couples and AN, we took the boat out to Tower Island on our first full day to see how the sun "fit." We ended up catching the first boat out every morning and spending all day/every day of our 7 days (except for resort-exchange day) on the island. How comfortable did we feel and how much did we enjoy it? We are headed back tomorrow (Nov 30) for 10 days.

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    I ditto Murtle!! The phrase I mostly hear is " I wish we would have did this 20 yrs ago" go enjoy yourselves kids!!

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    I think that it is one of the most empowering and freeing experiences that a couple can have. We have met couples that had been married from just a few years, to relationships that have forty or more years. And in just about every case, each couple that had the courage to at least try AN, said that it was one of the best things they ever did.
    Being naked with a bunch of strangers may seem like a crazy thing to do, but in fact, it is an equalizer. Nothing gets in the way of relating to another human being. No pretensions. No one knows if you are an hourly worker, or the president of some corporation. And no one cares.
    I think that you and your wife are in for a great treat.


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    Hey fellow first timers (and everybody else!)

    I'm pretty sure you're going to have a GREAT time! Especially if you and your wife are at least a little bit open-minded.

    My wife was a little apprehensive at first (lacking a little confidence in her appearance - although she looks amazing naked) so at first we undressed on the beach away from the pool/bar area. Initially I went up for drinks first, then again, then we moved over to the pool with everybody else, socialized, it was a WONDERFUL experience, especially because nudity is mandatory - so there's no clothed gawkers.

    As for others seeing your wife nude - I wasn't sure how I'd feel either - but once it happened, it's hard to explain but it's a wonderful thrill! She always turned me on but this was a whole new dimension! Just a relaxing, carefree nude party! We had a great crowd, everybody was respectful. I also wondered how other husbands and wives felt about this aspect.

    In any case it got us charged up for some late afternoon fun in our room before dinner!

    Enjoy and to the the nude beach pool at your first opportunity!

    And let us know how your trip goes!!!

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    Hey all,

    My wife and I (46/48) enjoyed CSS two years ago (our honeymoon) and really enjoyed it. It was her first time going nude around others (I had skinny dipped before) so she was a bit shy at first (understandable if you've never done it before!) but got comfortable with it pretty quickly. We were fortunate that our fellow guests were good people. After a day or two she was comfortable walking around anywhere in the nude area without a care!

    I wasn't sure how I'd feel about other men seeing my wife totally nude but have to admit it was thrilling after the initial adjustment. Especially when we were by the pool bar socializing, it was fun simply hanging out naked with everybody.

    Enjoy and let us know how your trip went!!!

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    Cover-ups are generally not allowed at SSB, other than while you're arriving and departing (I have seen other guests complain if someone dressed to come to the bar). You are encouraged to bring a towel to sit on while at the bar and generally no one will complain if you are wrapping up to avoid the cold when a rainstorm comes through. That said, the two of you have nothing to worry about without the cover-ups, everyone is very accepting in a non-sexual way. If you are feeling modest you can sit at the edges of the beach till you are more comfortable. I do suggest you bring spray-on sunscreen for touch-ups to avoid that awkwardness - bits that have never seen sunlight can burn quickly and seriously hinder a vacation.

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    I wrap my towel around me at lunch when I eat, and I am not the only one to do this.

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    Thanks Everyone!

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    Monobrow1, lets hope you had a great holiday and have now become part of the Couples family. We are all, of course, intrigued as to how you got on with the AN thing. You and your wifes experiences, positive or negative, (you may have differing views!) would be welcomed in the thread below. It was started with the intention of helping other 'newbies' (like you were) in making the decision to try the naked thing. Most people have amazingly positive experiences and occasionally they don't. Whatever your experiences were will be useful for others to know. Go ahead, let us know!


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