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    Default Bring your own unbrella?

    For those quick day showers was wondering if umbrellas were furnished in the room or should I pack one?

    Thank you
    22 days and counting down...sigh...hurry.

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    At CTI umbrellas are not needed, you are under cover once you are at any of the buildings expect the spa. If you want one, you need to bring it with you.
    Irie Mon

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    No you don't need to pack umbrella. There is one in each of the rooms for those quick showers.

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    We have been to CSA twice and there was an umbrella in the closet for us to use on both occasions. Didn't need it once!!

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    At CSA they are in the closet in your room. No need to pack one.

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    Umbrellas were provided at CSA. Have fun.

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    Default Umbrellas

    There are umbrellas in the closet, no need to bring one.

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    We were at CSA and they were in our room...
    Tho when we got stuck w/o them, we took cover under a sea grapes tree! lol
    No problem mon!

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    Hey there! It sounds like we will be at the resort at the same time! We are going for our honeymoon - October 5 - 12. Have you ever been to Jamaica in the fall?

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    At CSA, an umbrella was already in our room.
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Thanks everyone. Yes, we are going to CSA so I will look in the closet if needed.

    No have never been to Jamaica before at all. So, I'm pretty exctied but just want to be sure I pack everything "lightly" that we are going to need. The usual things sunblock,tums,tylenol,etc.

    Thanks again for all the responses. This message board is so nice and all of the people on here seem so kind.

    Still counting down..21-20-19........


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