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    Default CTI - Mini Bar and room service - bars at night

    Could someone who has been there recently let me know if it's true that every room has a fridge and mini bar? Can we ask for a bottle of wine instead of one of the spirit bottles if it comes with that? I've searched the forum and found a post last year that said mini bars were being added but I can't find anything since then to confirm it.

    Also, is there a certain time that room service ends? We will not be getting to the hotel until at least 10:30pm on April 10 and I was wondering where we will be able to get a bite of food?

    One last question, what bars are open late? For example if we want to take a drink to the jacuzzi, where would we get them from if we are in our bathing suits?

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    All Couples rooms have a mini fridge a you can order wine if thats what you like. Sorry I can't help with your other questions except you will be able to get food and drink somewhere at 1030. We haven't been to cti but I'm sure someone else that has been there will chime in. Have a great trip!

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    Hi lhenry,

    Yes, all the rooms at CTI have a mini-bar and fridge. If you join Romance Rewards and pre-check-in, you can select what you want in advance for the alcohol and mixers. Here are the options from the pre-check-in page:

    Your room mini-bar comes pre-stocked with following items:
    Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Ting soda (grapefruit), Ginger Ale soda, Carib Beer (Randymon says this is being changed to Red Stripe. --Godiva)

    Mini bar items will be delivered to your room within 24 hours of arrival.

    You can request following items to be added to your mini-bar*:
    (Your mini-bar will be restocked daily and you will be able to modify your choices.)
    Appleton Special Rum (750ml)
    Vodka (750ml)
    Gin (750ml)
    Whiskey (750ml)
    Sprite/Seven Up Soda
    Tonic Water Soda
    Soda Water
    Clamato Juice
    Cranberry Juice
    Orange Juice
    Pineapple Juice
    Sparkling wine
    Red wine
    White wine

    So yes, you can have wine in your in-room bar.

    It looks like room service closes at 9:30 but the Pool Grill is open all night until 5:00 am. If memory serves, most of the "all day" dining menu is available--my husband definitely got a grilled cheese and french fries around 10:30 one night. There are burgers, a caesar salad with chicken, fries/onion rings, jerk chicken and snapper sandwiches. You can look at the room service menu here. Couples Tower Isle Restaurants & Dining | Caribbean Gourmet Cuisine

    The closest bar to the Jacuzzis by the main pool area is the main bar, I'm not sure what time it closes but it's open pretty late. The Piano Bar is open even later but it is inside, air conditioned and in the later evening often full of people dressed up from dinner, singing along to the piano player. I would feel uncomfortable getting a drink there in my bathing suit or bathrobe, but I'm sure you could find a staff member to help you out! If you're looking to bring a drink to the Jacuzzis at the spa, you'll have to carry it along. There's no bar really close by, the closest is the swim up bar and that one closes earliest.

    Hope that helps!

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    Since no one else has answered you, I'll do my best. I haven't been back since the minibars were added at CTI, but I just signed up for my Romance Rewards early check in for this week, (yes my God, finally, THIS week) and there were options for wine, sparkling wine, spirits, beer and mixers. We were at CSA last and they do restock every day.

    For arrival late at night, the poolside snack bar will be open for you. I can't recommend highly enough the snapper sandwich.

    For bars that are open late, the main bar just off the patio restaurant has always been open later than we were up, and the piano bar is open as late as anyone is there but I wouldn't feel comfortable going in there in a swimsuit. You should be able to take something from your room minibar to the jacuzzi in any case though.

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    You are right about that snapper sandwich. OMG! I was so mad when we were there because I didn't try it until our last full day there, and didn't have time to get it AGAIN!!

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    And today it is every bit as good as I remembered. Can't beat that snapper sandwich.

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