First off, I am debating on surprising my husband with a trip this summer. We were planning to return in 2013 but then plans changed. I became pregnant via IVF with my sister in law's baby. They cannot have kids and have tried for years so we thought we would offer and they accepted. I was pregnant as their surrogate and due 3/13/13 so our trip got cancelled. Unfortunately I delivered baby Kya Jane on 10/29 at just 20+4 weeks. She was with us for 45 minutes before she passed. We are all taking it extremely hard and I just feel like we need a get away, my sister in law and her hubby invited us to vegas over Christmas but my hsuband cannot get off of work. 1. should I surprise my hubby for our 8th year annivesary in June with a trip to CN? 2. the biggest thing is my sister in law and her husband are usually our babysitters when we go to couples. We have been to CSS and CSA. I am not sure they will be ready to babysit by then and I don't want to pressure them. We have some cousins that we would trust our kids with, they have 3 of their own. So what would the proper payment be for them to watch them for 8 days? Our kids will be 7, 5 and 2 by then. I don't want to offend them by offering something too low. My guess is they won't even accept payment, but I want to offer it anyway. Thanks, deb