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    Default Honeymoon Clothes for Men.

    Hey everyone I know this might be a weird question but I am 27 year old male. I have been to many beaches but staying 7 days out of country in Jamaica first time. I am going on our honeymoon next year, but I would like to know if anyone here has a list of clothes that I should take for the trip. I have a list going already which consists of...pants, shirts, dress shirt, shorts, and swim shorts.

    Anything answer would help thanks guys.

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    Don't forget to pack closed toed shoes to wear with your long pants and button shirt for the dressy restaurant. Otherwise you will pretty much live in swimwear. Just throw on a tshirt for breakfast and lunch. My hubby takes tropical shirts and some polos. He will wear it to dinner at night, then throw on with swim shorts the next day.

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    That pretty much covers what I pack when headed to Jamaica. I'll also throw in a couple tank/work-out and t-shirts. I find that I spend more time in swim shorts and a tank/muscle/t-shirt and only do the pants/shorts/shirt (tropical) in the evenings. Hope this helps and you have an awesome stay!

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    Hi there, a suggestion:
    3 swimsuits (so you have a dry one), 2 beach t-shirts, 1 casual shorts, 2 nice trousers, 3 nice shirts for dinner, if you do daily sports then 3 sets of sports kit and a pair of trainers/sneakers, 1 beach sandals, 1 pair "nice" shoes for dinner. Socks and underwear. As long as all tops match all bottoms, this should do you well. In a pinch, each resort does have (paid) laundry service in case of a spill. You may be able to get this into a carry-on... but if your partner checks a bag in then that's not a big benefit. :-)

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    This should cover you for the nice reservation only restaurants:
    1 pair nice dress trousers
    2-3 short sleeved collared shirts (polo shirt or those cool Tommy Bahama types of shirts)
    1 pair closed toed shoes (docksides or loafer types - not the wing-tip work type)

    For lunch or casual evening dining:
    2 pair shorts
    Couple of t-shirts
    Sandals / tevas

    For the beach:
    4 swimsuits

    If you're going on a horseback riding excursion:
    1 pair jeans
    sneakers / socks (or if you have room, a pair of hard toed shoes just in case your horse gets frisky and steps on your toes)

    If you like to work out:
    Work out gear

    If you like to golf:
    Appropriate golf attire and shoes

    You may want to bring a stain stick for those "oops" moments - that way you don't have to bring a lot of clothes.
    You may also want to bring a couple of packets of Woolite or the equivalent to rinse/wash out your work out clothes and/or swim suits.

    The biggest thing to remember is to pack light, but bring at least one outfit for the reservation restaurant. If you're going to err on the side of bringing too much, then bring another swimsuit.

    Regardless of which Couples resort you've chosen, I'm sure you'll have an awesome time!!

    And congrats on your upcoming nuptials!!

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    Amar - give me a day or two and I will

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    Dang! I think my iPhone got the best of me...

    Give me a day or two and I will post some links to stuff that is comfortable to me (not necessarily my style but comfortable and resort compliant).

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    gonegril gave a very good list, although I personally would add socks and underwear.

    I also like to have a couple of long-sleeve dri-fit type shirts that I wear when sailing or snorkeling. Prevents sunburn on the shoulders and upper back plus it is just more comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Dang! I think my iPhone got the best of me...

    Give me a day or two and I will post some links to stuff that is comfortable to me (not necessarily my style but comfortable and resort compliant).
    Hey I can wait thanks for your info.

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    Hey thanks to everyone who has replied to this message board, you do not realize how much this has helped me. thanks again.

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    hey thank you for your input. I will be using this list.

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