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    Default Coconut Oil repels Sand Fleas?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard if coconut oil repels sand fleas? My sister said she heard that it's a great repellant for sand fleas.


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    Rum is too. They get so drunk they have no desire to bite you.

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    Any product with Deet will work. There is a less common remedy called Zanzarin, a plant-based product that you apply on your skin. I doubt coconut oil will repel sand fleas, but you will sure smell good.....

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    I have not tried it, but from searching the internet I think you need to add some other oils to the Coconut Oil. (They add one or more of the following: Neem, Citronella, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Soybean and some others)

    They appear to be using the coconut oil as the lotion/carrier ingredient and the other oils as the repellent ingredients.

    Google "coconut oil sand flea repellent" and "coconut oil repellent"
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    and if you drink a Salty Dog, they will only nibble you slightly before they die of poisoning!

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