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    Default Veggie Bar Love....Question!

    I'm hoping someone with inside info....Randymon, possibly?!.....could answer a question for me.

    I LOVE the veggie bar at CSA. I'm a vegetarian, and going to Seagrapes everyday was one of our favorite rituals. It kept me (relatively) healthy, and it was amazing and very unusual to have so many vegetarian options available. We actually went to Couples Negril for the trading places one day and I was severely disappointed in their food at Helilconia. The system was a complete mess. They were out of napkins, silverware, lettuce at the salad bar, we waited for over 1/2 an hour, our order was wrong in so many ways...and I felt so gross afterwards because everything was fried. Blech. It was just completely different from CSA. We DID love everything else about CN though, especially the au natural area, but I'm very leery to go back because of my experience with their food.

    So here's our dilemma....while we loved CSA, we really would like another au natural experience, so we're left deciding between CTI and CSS. I'm a bit unimpressed with CSS's lack of food variety, so my question is, do you think that the veggie bar will ever be added to CN and CSS?

    Every single time we were at Seagrapes it was PACKED, and most people would not stop commenting on how delicious everything was. We will most likely end up trying CTI for our 1 yr anniversary in September, mainly because it has the au natural section AND the veggie bar. I know I cannot be the only person that wants to eat delicious, healthy food when they're trotting around in their bikini's all day!

    Any info re: adding the veggie bar to other resorts would be great! Thanks!

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    When we were at CTI the veggie bar was never really busy. The offerings were similar to that of CSA. I have heard that CSS if a foodie resort, so I'm surprised that you feel that way about the choices. I do know that CSS has a great A/N beach and CTI island is awesome too. Good luck deciding, but I think you'll find enough veggie options at either of these resorts.

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    CSS has a place down by the mineral pool where you can get fruit/veggie smoothies and juice. CTI has a veggie bar on the beach, not exactly like Seagrapes...but similar, right below (literally) the main bar. Both resorts are beautiful in their own way and offer a variety of foods and entertainment. It seems like the only place that needs to get onboard with the veggie bar idea is CN.

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    Yes it would be nice to have the Veggie bars at all of the resorts.

    We have spent a total of 34 days at CN and have never experienced what you have described at any of their restaurants. I am very very sorry for your experience! I can assure you it was most certainly a one off time.

    The Chefs at all of the resorts will go the extra mile to accommodate any special dietary needs. If you loved everything about CN and want to go there all you need to do is speak to the food manager either before you arrive or as soon as you arrive at the resort. They will be happy to prepare anything you desire to meet your vegetarian needs.

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    Thanks for the info, everyone! Fluffin, that's good to know about CN. I was hoping they were just having an "off" day. It was quite bizarre and took a good hour and 1/2 chunk out of our AN time, lol!! WE're thinking we may try CTI this September and then spend one of the trading spaces (or places, not sure exactly what it's called) days at CSS.

    It's good to know that everyone vouches for the quality of Couples food - it's one of my favorite aspects of the brand. Every other AI I've been to has left me with major heartburn and a feeling of sluggishness and I never experienced this at CSA. It was awesome!! It was so nice to not only have vegetarian food, but delicious, healthy vegetarian food, instead of just pasta.

    Thanks again,

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