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    Default CSS in 7 days!!!! Wa HOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ready to come home!!!

    Counting down the days. First trip to CSS!!!

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    We'll be there in 10 days, and we can't wait either. This will be our 5th trip. See you there.

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    Enjoy. We are counting down the days too... only 311 days till we are "home".

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    Lucky dogs!

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    Haha...7 days for us as well. We are headed to CSA..Wahoooo

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    Jealous! Have a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaDude View Post
    Counting down the days. First trip to CSS!!!
    Hopefully this week will fly right by and you'll be enjoying the warm Jamaican sunshine and hospitality of CSS!
    We're 53 days and counting before we come home :-)

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    We will be there Dec 1st to the 8th as well, and renewing our vows on the 6th! Bags are just about packed, and we're not sleeping well at night because we are just so excited to get "back home"! This is trip #7 to beautiful Sans Souci!!

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    26 days to go til our first trip to CSS, 2nd to Couples. Have a wonderful time, I can't stop daydreaming about it

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    Hey Karen and Paul, We hope you're having a blast at CSS. An early congrats on your up coming vow renewals. Wish we were there celebrating with you. Trying to keep the weather somewhat warm here for when you get back. If you see Dalton ( I'm sure you will) and Antony, say hi for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamadude View Post
    counting down the days. First trip to css!!!
    22 days !!!

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