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    My hubby and I will be making our second trip to CSA arriving 12/11 and checking out 12/18 (TWELVE DAYS - WOO HOO!!). We don't fly back to the states until the 19th and are staying at a hotel in Mobay on the 18th because he has his heart set on golfing at the White Witch before we leave. Will Couples still provide transportation back to Mobay when we check out, or are we on our own?

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    They will provide it to the airport on the day you are leaving Couples. Once there you can get a cab to go to your hotel.

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    smroot is right. CSA will return you to the airport and from there you can take a shuttle to your other hotel. Wife and I did the same thing the first time we visited CSA, had an extra night and got a ride from Sangster to the hotel. Quite an experience too. The hotel was being remodeled with scaffolding along the sidewalks, food was not that great. We had to be ready the next morning at 5:30, morning shower was great too....NO HOT WATER!!! So don't worry about the transportation.

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