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    Default Couples negril 9/21-9/28

    Hello all from Buffalo, NY!

    The future wife & I will be experiencing our 1st Couples resort @ CN on 9/21/09. I am very excited after reading everyones comments on this forum. After looking at the weather I think that we will fry out there, but i hope that it will be well worth it. If anyone can give me any tips about this resort then I'd appreciate it...which friendly worker should I keep an eye out for?

    One important question I do have is if CN offers the beachlit dinner for 2...I find that to be possibly simply an amazing experience!

    Anyways, if anyone is going to CN next week give me a shout out on here and to all on this forum I want to say a BIG "Hello"!!!

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    Go to the "Meet Up At Couples" thread for Couples Negril. There is a thread there for "The New Sept 2009 Group". There are many, many couples there during your time. Post your info and get added to the list! Read through the entire thread (all 7 pages) for some background on this awesome Sept Group Look forward to meeting you there!!

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    Thanks, does CN offer the dinner by the beach for 2?

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    Default Next week

    Mt husband and I will be arriving to CN on the 27th. You will be a seasoned islander by then. I hope you have a beautiful wedding day! You picked the worlds most beautiful beach to become one! Good luck to you and mabey we can meet up Sunday night to toast your new marrige and our 19th Anniversary!

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    Dinner on the beach is an extra $150. (Unless you have booked a suite, then there is a room service dinner included on a night that you choose. 24 hr notice is required.)

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    Yes, it does!

    Contact Guest Relations in the lobby just across from the front desk. Damion can help you out with that. You can have your dinner directly on the beach, in the massage gazebo, or in the treehouse.

    Have a great time!

    Linda & Mike

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    When you first get to the resort you need to stop at three places. See everything they have to offer and schedule the activities you want to do during your stay:

    1) The Guest Relations Desk in the lobby (They can schedule your private beach dinner for $150 extra). Almost everything else is included.

    2) The Tour Desk in the lobby (They can schedule the extra charge off-resort excursions you may want to do.)

    3) The Water Sports Hut (Schedule the Cat Cruise here)

    Have a wonderful time!
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