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    My husband and I are coming to CSA in early October for a couple of weeks to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Do we need to prebook any of the restaurants? Is there any useful insider information that I can be given before arriving? We're so looking forward to it.


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    We are returning for our 4th visit on October 14th and have never once had a problem reserving any of the restaurants.

    I don't think that you can book them before you arrive as it has to be done whilst you are on the resort but all you do is go to the concierge desk and book them in person.


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    You can't prebook any of the restaurants at CSA prior to your arrival.

    There are tons of threads on the MB that give tips for the resort. Here are a few of my favorites: check out the sports complex and spa across the street. The lap pool is almost always empty and it's a wonderful place to have some coffee or a smoothie and chill.

    Make sure you try the snorkeling and catamaran cruise. If you have never snorkeled before, this would be the time to try it for free. The fish and coral and not drop dead spectacular, but there is plenty of diversity.

    Walk the beach, in either direction. There are lots of bars and shops to check out.

    Have fun!

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    You can't prebook any restaurants.

    This web site is full of useful information. Start with the FAQs, then review the resort-specific information on CSA's web page.
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    Angie Babe -

    Great advice by all. Start with the FAQ's, ma'am, and then if you have other specific questions, such as the one you asked about dinner reservations, come join us and ask away!

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    We just returned a few weeks ago. Swept Away is amazing - you will have a great time. We had no problem making dinner reservations the day before at the front desk. Try all the restaurants, they are great. Have a wonderful time and Happy Birthday!

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    One more thing...head over to the "Meet Up at Couples" section of the message board and check out those who will be there the same time as you!

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    If you want a private beach dinner you can book that before you arrive. Since you are celebrating BDs, you may want to ask the resort ahead of time for their gift package list. They offer things like balloons, flowers, and champagne for an extra cost.

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    Default You will love it!

    We have been doing our yearly trip to CSA for 3 years now. Its wonderful, everything about it is wonderful! We have added family & friends to our trip. We all love it so much, its perfect! The only thing si you cant bookthe restaurants before arriving there. When you have a group of people there is sometimes a hard time getting dinner reservations. You must do the sunset catamaran trip. You must try feathers. The martini bar is outrageous! Its all Good!!!! We will be there Oct 8th for 1 week. See you all there! Cant wait for the 8th of October to get here!

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