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    I just booked the "Arrival Only" service for $55 per person.
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    Wally: I was wondering if they had an arrival only option. Seems worth it to pay for both as its only $25 more per person for departure. I think hubby and I will give it a try as we are not patient when it comes to long lines.

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    Great to know you can do it seperately. Thanks

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    How did you do that?

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    I went ahead and booked service for arrival and departure. We are getting in early afternoon on a Saturday and I know that's a busy time. Hubby and I figured it was worth the cost and risk. Will report back after our trip in March.

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    We did the round trip service Sat Dec 29th and Monday Jan 7th. I have mixed feelings about if I would do it again. Let me explain.
    We were scheduled to arrive on Dec 29th at 2:15 but were delayed due to the weather. We got to Sangster at around 4:30. When we got off the plane and headed towards Immigration we saw signs for MoBay VIP services but no one was there to greet us. We got down into the Immigration area and had to stand in a short line while someone screened our forms for completeness. We didn't know where to find the people from MoBay so we went over to a desk (at the bottom of the ramp to the left) and asked about someone meeting us from MoBay. After a few minutes they called someone and a very nice lady came over to meet us. Luckily I had brought email confirmations because it seemed like no one had a clue we were coming. We were walked over to an Immigration line that was for flight staff and I think residence with flight connections. They had been taking others in line for clearance so we had 2 or 3 groups ahead of us. It was much faster that if we had to wait to go through the regular lines. Once we got through Immigration the woman who was escorting us "found" the people who should have been waiting for us. They still had the sign with our names on it in their hand but I have no idea where they had been waiting for us. My husband thinks he saw them sitting down another hallway chatting. Everyone was quite apologetic and we moved on to the Couples Lounge.
    You need to be aware that the MoBay staff are not allowed to handle your baggage. If you want help with you bags you have to get a porter. No problem - I needed the exercise after sitting on a plane for 6.5 hrs. After checking in at the Couples lounge we had expected to escorted to TimAir. But the service ends at the Lounge. No problem. Just need to be aware of this. Unfortunately we didn't get to fly to Negril. We had to wait for another couple to get through Immigrations and by the time they got through TimAir had sent the plane to Negril (empty?) to pick up some passengers and by the time it would get back, fly us to Negril and then back to Montego Bay it would be too dark. Oh well, you know what they say about best laid plans.

    Our departure with MoBay was better. We were again directed to a shorter line in Security and had only 3 or 4 groups ahead of us. Once we got into the lounge the staff were very gracious. It was a beautiful, clean, quite lounge. Bar service as excellent. But because of my lack of knowledge of the service it could have been better. When we got into the lounge I looked at the sandwiches (that were perfectly fine) and decided I wanted a bigger lunch so we went to Wendy's and bought food that we brought to the lounge. When we came back I saw other people being served food other than sandwiches. That's when I saw the menus. Rats! I would have ordered from the menu to avoid going back into the airport and standing in the long line at Wendy's. The menu items looked very good and they would have bee slightly more than the burger and fries from Wendy's but for a few extra $$ I could have avoided the crowds and lines. One really nice service was that we were able to leave our carry on luggage in the MoBay lounge when we went to Wendy's and did some duty free shopping.

    Question: Was it worth the extra $$ and would I do it again?

    Even with the glitches we ran into, I enjoyed the services. But we paid $160 for the round trip so I'm not so sure it was worth the price. I would probably use the arrival service if I was arriving around holidays like Christmas, New Year's or Easter especially on a Saturday afternoon. I think I know how to avoid the delays if we ran into this problem again. It really did get us through Immigration faster. I will probably use the departure service especially if I can buy it through Couples. It was $30 through Couples but because I wanted the arrival package I had to buy a round trip package which only offered directly through MoBay VIP service. It would be nice if Couples could offer the round trip package at a reduced price like they do with the departure service. I would probably book through them if they did.

    Hope you find this information of some use.

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    Great review and thanks for the details! Now I know what to look out for.

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    Thanks for this link, very useful info!

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