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    Default I hear April is really busy for the resorts.. Will we be miserable?

    Hi all,
    Well I booked our weddingmoon at Couples Negril and we will be traveling from April 11-18. I had a couple questions so I called the wedding coordinator and she told me that April is one of the busier months for the resorts. I thought April was going into the low season and wouldn't be as busy. My fiance and I really enjoy relaxing.. we don't want to fight for a beach chair, or not be able to enjoy the water sports, etc.
    So for those who have been to the resorts in April, how was it? Should we considering switching our dates?

    Thank you!

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    We typically go to CSA in January or February which is peak season at the resort. We have never had a problem getting reservations for dinner or snorkeling. Only ONCE in six trips to CSA have we ever been told that it would be an hour wait to eat dinner at The Palms (non-reservation restaurant). High season typically runs through the Easter break (and Easter is early in 2013). Yes, there will probably still be a fairly high occupancy rate when you are there in April. However, there are lots of activities at the resort, so it seldom seems crowded. Yes, you may have to look around a bit to find two loungers, but again this has typically not been an issue for us. Only once did we have a few day stretch at CSA where there were several large groups that were reserving large quantities of chairs. Every other time we have not had a problem. Will you be miserable? Gosh, you're going to be in paradise with your new husband, I certainly would hope not!

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    We're going back to CSS in April. This will be our 4th Couples Trip. We've had 2 to CTI, and this will be our second to CSS. We have ALWAYS gone on our Honeymoon/Anniversary in April. We've never fought for anything!!! Even when the resort is full you don't "feel" it. They are not like those other people mill resorts that pack people in and then don't have the restaurant space, beach space and activities to handle them. We always got beach chairs, reservations and drinks at the bar when we wanted. We rarely waited for anything and when we did it was a minute or two - not like being in some huge crowd. Trust me, I HATE crowds so if it was bad, we would never have been back for trip #2 let alone #3 or this one coming up! you'll be fine - enjoy!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    I'm sure I'll be number 20 to say that CN when full doesn't seem crowded. You won't fight for anything except the right to stay forever.

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    We've been to CN a couple times during April. In fact, we wanted to go back in 2013, during 12-20 April, but procrastinated to the point where there were no rooms available on a couple nights. We've never had a problem with having to fight for a beach chair or being able to enjoy the water sports or anything else on the resort. It's a fairly large property so it's not like people are just piled up everywhere. It's a very relaxing place with beautiful, soft, white sand, clear water and gorgeous sunsets added to a super staff that'll make you stay a pleasure. Now, should you decide to switch dates, you can always just tell CN we'd love to go in your place!

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    We have been vacationing in the month of April for the past 25 years. I think it is just about the most perfect time to go. The resorts never really seemed to be all that busy to us even when booked completely solid. We were at CN one year when they were booked at 100%, we know for a fact because we wanted to change rooms....any room... and there were none. We were completely surprised by this because the resort most certainly did not feel like it was full.

    I personally would not change plans at all.

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    No worries, this will be our third trip in April to csa, you'll be fine, enjoy

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    Linda and I will be at CN on the same days...see you then! And no, it will not be crowded.

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    This is the one place on earth that you fell like you are totally alone and also that you can enjoy people when you want to. It is magical. You are so going to love this place. It never feels crowded. We have been to CN during very busy times and have never had any problems. Be excited, be very excited about going to this place!

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    Honestly, I think the resorts are so popular now that they're pretty much booked to capacity with maybe the exception of July - end of September....We generally visit CSA in November, but have also been in May, and while the resort has been at or near capacity, we've never ever felt crowded (well, except for this last November visit when some jerk took our chairs and table - we had them all set up on the beach and had gone in the water for a dip - when we came back, our stuff was on the sand and our chairs were under some jerk's butt....). Plus we kept seeing the guy around the resort - But other than that, we've had nothing but great experiences at CSA!

    I think you'll find that you'll have great service regardless of how booked the resort is.

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    Thank you all for the replies. I feel much more comfortable now.

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    We are celebrating our 10th with a trip home to where we wed - given the hurricane chase we've had other years are going April 27 for a week and too am glad to hear these posts. Love CN - been a few lonely years without her but we have always gone August through November. FIVE MONTHS TODAY - ya mon

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    We are going to be @ CSS in April also

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    I have been in May twice, April once, March once and going in December this year. The only thing I can tell you about April is that the crowds and lines at the airport might not be as much fun, but once past all that, no problem mon.

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    Went for our anniversary, April 24th, to CSA in 2011. It was perfect with no noticeable delay/inconvenience in service, etc. We prefer December (less humidity), but would not hesitate going back in April (or any other month)!

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