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    Default Recommendations for a quaint restaurant off property from CSA?

    Does anyone know of a neat, quaint restaurant outside of the CSA property if we choose to be adventurous. I'm not interested in Marguaritaville or Ricks. Thank you!

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    Ivans, at Catch a Falling Star. Its on the cliffs, perfectly safe, and very lovely all lit up at night.

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    The Caves

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    Withing walking distance is Cosmos and Tree House, not as fancy or pricey as the restaurants at the high end hotels on the cliffs, ie The Caves plus no cab fare.

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    Ivans or the Caves are great options, on the cliffs

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    Thank you so much for the great ideas!

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    I'll add another vote for Ivans on the cliffs. Its my top spot on the cliffs for dinner. Many more good choices but Ivans is top shelf.
    If you want to stick to the beach you might want to take a look at Kuyaba. It's one of the more popular places for dinner, I try to stop in for at least a snack and drink every trip. Have cool rope swing bar stools. There are also a number of small more "rustic" places all along the the beach. Been to many of them but at the moment can't remember which were hits and which not so much. Also.. theres Cosmos, its a short walk (to the right facing the water) from CSA. Good, authentic Jamaican food. Their Conch soup and festival(fried break type snack) are great for lunch.
    Love the food at CSA but there is also a lot of good food to be had all over Negril.

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    And yet another nod to Ivan's. If you're looking to really impress, ask them about the 100 candles dinner.

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