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    What if you want to stay past 4 PM at the visiting resort? I understand you have to take a cab back but has anyone stayed past 4 PM.

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    The trading places ends at 4:00. You are not allowed to stay for dinner or evening entertainment. People who get a cab are usually cutting their trip short and returning before the 4:00 ending time.

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    You may want to check with your resort. If you stay past 4pm you might not only be responsible for your cab fare back to your "home" resort, they may ask you to purchase a half day pass if you want to stay into the evening for dinner. I'm not positive this is the case, but you would definitely want to know your options before you stay beyond 4pm.

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    I don't think you can stay past 4p. I know people were saying that if you wanted to go back early you had to take a cab, but I haven't seen anything on someone staying late. Hopefully you'll get a for sure answer from someone.

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    I am not sure if they will allow you to stay past 4pm.

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    Pretty sure that suzyQ has the right answer about being charged for a half-day pass if you exceed the Trading Places departure time.

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    You need either a full or 1/2 pass if your are going earlier or staying later is my understanding and you can't use resort credits to pay for it.

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