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    Default Two random CSS questions (and 1 about CN)

    Hi everyone,

    We are Couples (and even Jamaica) virgins, and are searching for the perfect honeymoon spot.

    So far it looks like San Souci will suit us best, but I had two quick questions:

    1) I read a few reviews that mentioned activities booked up quickly for the whole week and therefore some people were not able to take advantage of some excursions (i.e. Dunn's River Falls trip, snorkeling, etc.). We would not be arriving until Monday and I am worried that all of the people arriving on Saturday and Sunday will book up the trips and we will not get to partake. Is this a valid concern? We are going on July 1st, 2013.

    2) Some of the activities that look fun on their schedule (Trivia Mania, Shots Bingo, etc.) are only available at the au naturel beach.... Does that mean we can't go over and do the games if we prefer to stay dressed?

    We actually really loved everything about Couples Negril and would have picked that location; but unfortunately the beach is not private. We had a very bad time with vendors hasselling us on our last vacation and my fiance is adament about going somewhere with a private beach. Are the vendors pushy on the CN beach?

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    You will love Sans Souci. We have been there 5 times, and there is usually a wedding everyday at the resort. You will have plenty of company. The resort is small, so sometimes you will wonder where everyone is at! You should sign up for Dunn's River Falls within a day or so, but I have never heard of anyone not being able to go. No worries with snorkeling. Just sign up and pick a time from the list. Same with water skiing. Trivia is played at both pool bars. Shots bingo may be only at SSB, and sometimes is played Just find Kaydain (entertainment) and ask to play it at the main pool bar. And yes, you will have to be naked to play the games at SSB. One the reasons we go to CSS is because of the private beach. We can remember being in Negril (non Couples) beautiful beach!! and having to fend away vendors selling lobsters, cigs, wave runners, Parasailing, massages,....etc. That won't happen at CSS. If you venture over to SSB, you may find someone lurking by the river trying to get you to go over to talk, but they won't come on the property. Have a great time! Mike&Sue

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    I can't answer Number 1 and 2, but as to vendors, there is no hassle on the beach. They have to keep on the surf line side, packed sand, and a smile with a polite no thanks is enough. The vendors are pretty laid back and Couples watches to make certain that guests are not bothered. The beach is wide and you can sit far enough away from the packed sand that you are never bothered. My wife and I like to sit in the shade and our favorite spot was close to the water sports hut and back towards the tree spa hut. We were able to get plenty of sun if we wanted, had the shade we both needed, and absolutely no vendor activity at all since we were probably 50 feet away from them when they passed by. Kind of sad because to listen of some of the very entertaining beach musicians, who play for tips, I had to get out of my chair and get close to where they were playing.

    I think you would have been fine at CN. Heading back for trip five their and trip two to Swept Away November of 2013, just don't have dates yet. Just returned 20 days ago and am still sad.

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    We never had a problem booking the included tours. We booked most of ours the morning before, or the day we wanted to go.

    If what you want to do is not also held on the main beach, then no you can not partake on SSB with clothing on. A lot of the time they do it on both beaches (sometimes at different times).

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    Css beach is private, no vendors to bother you. They bring in vendors on certain days and they set up down near the beach on the far end but none walking up and down the beach like at cn or csa.

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    I know that the Dunns trip is offered everyday, so you should be able to go on that excursion. Snorkeling is also offered everyday so I would think you should be able to have an opportunity to snorkle. Since you are going in July,which is considered the low season, I don't think you should worry too much.

    As for activities on SSB, in order to participate, you would both need to be nude. No exceptions.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Don't worry
    I think that you will love CSS for your honeymoon. You cannot ask for a more romantic place to celebrate your wedding.

    1) we have never had problems with booking excursions. We always go that first two weeks in July and it has not been a problem. Snorkeling is often full but they tell you to show up on a wait list and most of the time others don't show up. It is actually hard to get up out of the pool or off the lounger to go do the excursions.

    Restaurants can get full so you do have to get reservations for the ones that require them (Cassanova and Pallazina)

    2) You can't go to the activities on SSB (the AN beach) unless you are going to be AN. I feel like most of them are done at both pools-the main one and the SSB pool.
    You might decide that you want to go over to the AN beach to try it out.

    The main beach is definitely private but it is not huge. There are not really any vendors on the CSS beach.

    Enjoy the anticipation. Look forward to meeting you and your new spouse in July
    Don't forget to sign up on the Meet up page for July 2013


    CSS in 224 days

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    1. Do activities fill up quickly at CSS- no. Dunn's River Fall does not even require a sign up, you just show up in the lobby the morning you want to go, and they make sure there is enough transportation to accommodate everyone. As far as snorkeling and glass bottom boats, they go out every day. You can not sign up more then a day in advance, so again no problem. Usually you can get on even if you sign up the morning of the activity. People who complain about not being able to do these activities, complain because they can not just walk up and go out. Takes a small amount of planning. Also, Hobie cats are just walk up and use, never saw a wait.
    2. This is one thing I loved at CSS, they offer activities at BOTH swim up bars. Yes you would have to be nude to do the activities at Sunset Beach, but they offer the same ones at the main pool. They always had prizes for the games, which I really enjoyed .
    Vendors, and CN ? This is of course a matter of opinion. I actually enjoyed them, however, others are bothered by them. They are not allowed to come to the area where guests sit unless invited ( the musicians). Also, Couples encourages guests to do business with vendors at the waters edge. The vendors really do not bother much, HOWEVER, the jet ski guys are the ones who become annoying.
    Good luck with your research.

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    The vendors on the beach at CN are not a bother at all. ALl they do is walk the water line and give their speil, like CIgareeeetttes....CIGAAARRSSS......about once every 45 minutes or so.

    Then you have the musicians which will stop and do a song or two but they are NOT bothersome at all. We walked the beach even and did not have anyone hassle us. We just say hello, and keep going unless we want to talk with them.

    Couples has security all over the beach that keeps the vendors moving if they do stop or get above the high water mark.

    I would not miss out on the BEAUTIFUL beach of Negril just because of a past bad experience someplace else with vendors.

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    Thank you so much for all of the responses! Both the peace of mind that we should be fine to take part in the excursions and a youtube video we saw on the resort (by) have completely sold us!

    We booked for July 1 - July 8 and can't wait We put a note on our file to request a room in G block, so I'm crossing my fingers that it works out.

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Thank you so much for all of the responses! Both the peace of mind that we should be fine to take part in the excursions and a youtube video we saw on the resort (by ticotych) have completely sold us!

    We booked for July 1 - July 8 and can't wait We put a note on our file to request a room in G block, so I'm crossing my fingers that it works out.

    Thanks again everyone!

    P.S. Maybe in a few years we can head back to Jamaica and check out CN :P

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    Jed - you mentioned about the two restaurants that require reservations. How far in advance can we reserve them? Would we have to do that each morning for the next day? Or can you book for the whole week once you get there? Are the menus available to help you pick?

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    When we finally decide where we want to eat when, I book for the whole week in one call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindad View Post
    When we finally decide where we want to eat when, I book for the whole week in one call.

    Is this something that you can do in advance, like a month before your trip? Or do you mean you book them all shortly after you've arrived? First timer! Thanks!

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    You can book all your reservations as soon as you arrive. What hubby and I do, is while I'm checking us in at CSS, he goes over to the Guest Services Desk at CSS and makes our dinner reservations for the week.

    Have a great trip!

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    The vendors on Negril beach are not a problem at all. They walk along the water & if you're interested in what they're selling, you go to them. They cannot come up on the beach. Security makes sure of that.
    Negril (Bloody Bay) is IMHO the most beautiful beach in Jamaica and it is long enough for you to have a nice walk everyday. CSS is small and sometimes COLD because of the river that empties in to it.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    We usually make our reservations for multiple days at once. They give you a reservation slip so that you can keep them all straight.
    We love to eat outside at Cassanova because of the romantic atmosphere
    We have never had problems getting a reservation even on the first day that we arrive
    The menu changes usually on Tues or Wed so you can go back to the same place several times

    There is also the Gala on Friday night and the Beach Party on Tues which are both really great
    You can eat at the Beach Grill in the evening without a reservation (it is called Bella Vista at night)
    The menus are on the web site but they do change fairly regularly
    At the resort they are posted by the restuarants
    The other option is in room dining
    Oh yeah and there is the option of paying extra for a private dinner

    So there are a lot of options for eating. We always feel that we have to exercise just so that we can enjoy the eating

    Your idea about the G block is great. Don't worry if you don't get it
    We have stayed in C, D, E, F, and G
    Loved them all.


    CSS in 208 days

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