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    Default San Souci December Wedding

    Leaving for a quick wedding trip dec.7-11. I have been doing my research and have requested G block corner room. I know to ask for the furtherest away massage hut, and I have spoke with the resort and know the Dunns River falls trip leaves at 9am and is gone a few hours ( i also have pre-purchased water shoes for this)

    Here are the questions, with it being a short trip ( with a 4 pm wedding in the 10th) do we need to bother with excursions...? If so which are the best/ most bang for your buck? We were thinking zip lining, but not sure of distance from resort, how long the excursion lasts, and how much it costs?

    With that being said we are definitely open to trying something else.

    Does anyone have any additional tid bits of info or suggestions concerning weddings, restaurants, massage/ other spa services, resort activities, or anything to avoid since Sandy's departure???

    Any advice or recomendations will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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    Just understand that they do not honor requests when booking. So if you do not get the room you wanted, do not get angry. If you ask again, they will usually do the best they can, but they do not guarantee. As far as the excursions are concerned, we did Dunns and the glass bottom boat tour the first year we went, but have done nothing but sit on the beach since then, so excursions will depend on what you want for this trip. For us it is total relaxation, so no excursions, for others excursions are a must.

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    With your stay being a relatively short one there doesn't seem to be a need to do much except enjoy the resort. Since you've looked into the Dunn's River excursion and pre-purchasaed shoes that would be about all we'd do as this is probably the one "must do" excursion on the list that's off the resort. Since it doesn't take long and won't steal away from your vacation much, the glass bottom boat or a snorkeling excursion might be nice also. Relax and enjoy!

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    My wife and I did our 20th renewal ceremony at CSS last year. They did a great job.

    Sounds like you have a lot to do in a short period of time. I would suggest not planning on any other excursions than what you have planned. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have a meeting scheduled with the wedding planner (she is fabulous and meticulous) and that will take time. Then there is a meeting with the photographer that will also take some time. Factor in that you would want to actually spend some time at the resort you are visiting and there is a lot to do there that will keep you busy.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

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