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    Just got back from paradise, and wanted all to know they were putting loads of new floaties on the beach.

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    Nice...but try to remember that the last time they got some new ones some kinds of sunscreen caused the ink to run onto your skin. You can just put the printed side down though. Other than that I have to say that floating on one of those out in the warm Caribbean water is amazing. Soooooooooooooo relaxing...

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    Yay! 10 more weeks and we get to try them out!

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    I miss my floatie

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    Great! There were a few new ones mixed in when we were there in September, but mainly they were a little worn. My husband was adorable....he'd always find a "perfect" one for me, lol! Now that I just read him this post, he's relieved that he won't have to spend so much time on "mission, perfect floatie" anymore!


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