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    Default CSA Virgins-Just booked!!!!

    Just got home from thr travel agent. Booked CSA for 9 nights, May 8th-17th. We are very excited to get there. It's going to be a long 6 months. This will be our first trip to Jamaica and we can't wait to meet new friends, dive at Rick's, shoot Bob Marley's, and experience those gorgeous sunsets. If we had to pick one, should we choose parasailing or jet skiing?

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    Jet ski imo.

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    Welcome to the Couples family! You won't be disapointed after you saet foot on the beautiful white sand beach and have your first BobMarley shot(s) at the sun set bar!
    Can't really comment on the parasailing or jetsailing having not done eaither at CSA, but catch Elvis( can't miss him!) on the beach and he'll hook you up on what ever you might decide! If it were me I think the parasailing mught be more enjoyable just for the view!
    Enjoy your visit!
    Helen & Paul
    Florida, 5 time reapeaters CSA

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    Having done both, we had more fun jet skiing. Maybe I didn't have enough liquid courage for the parasailing but I was nervous the whole time. Then I saw a story about a gal in Florida that died hitting a building while parasailing and I'll never do it again. They are not regulated and who knows about insurance. It's a risk I won't take anymore. I was in control of the jet ski so I felt better. Good luck

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    You are very, very lucky. We spent our honeymoon at CSA in September for 7 glorious nights in an Atrium Suite. It was HEAVEN on Earth!!! We had grand plans for doing more water activities, but found that floating was just too amazing and ended up only going snorkeling. Next time I'd love to try the paddle boards, hobie cats, and probably jet skiing, although the people parasailing were sure to let us know how much fun they were having while they were hovering above us!!!


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    I'd choose parasailing. You go up with your honey and it is just so peaceful and quiet up there and you can see soooo much.

    You take off via a winch off the boat while you're in the middle of the bay, so there's no running on the beach as the boat is towing you a la some Mexican resorts. Also, you're flying in the middle of the bay, and there are no wires or buildings around. If you're nervous, just tell the boat operators and they'll be very conservative with you. If you're a little more daring, they'll dip your toes in the water and then bring you back up.

    IMHO the jet skis are just too noisy and polluting and take away from the Negril vibe (although my honey has done that too, and loved it)!

    For either activity, be sure to see Elvis on the beach - He's a tall guy with a phone permanently pressed to his ear, a huge smile, huge personality and (usually) a t-shirt that says "Shut Up & Fly...."

    And don't forget to bring tip money for either the parasail or jet ski operators.....

    Have a blast!!

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    Can I ask if the jet skis or parasailing are included in the free water sports as CSA or is there a charge? Thanks... p.s. both sound fun!!!

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    We're going to be there the 9-19 for our honeymoon and I'm so excited! It's our first time to a couples resort too.

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    TRM, this was a few years ago but I went parasailing by myself, (husband wouldn't go) and I paid about 50 bucks. Jet ski was about 40 and we shared one for about a half hour. Parasail ride was about 15 Minutes.

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    Jetki's and parasailing are not included at CSA. Look for Elvis (guy in white hat) walking the beach. He will hook you up. We paid around $90 to parasail. But that was a couple years ago.

    Life is good

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    Thanks for answers!! Can't wait to go in Feb!!! Looking so forward to CSA!

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