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    Default Massage opinions: deep tissue vs Bamboo vs Hot Stone??

    Greetings. Heading to CSS in a few days, but believe spa menus are similar at all resorts. Searched the forum, and there are not many threads comparing treatments so....
    I typically go for "deep tissue" massages as I have a LOT of stress/knots to untangle. Did this style treatment at CSA with great results from Dawn on my last trip. Now heading to CSS in <7 days and curious about the Bamboo Fusion and Hot Stone options. (I usually don't care for Swedish or aromatherapy options as they don't untangle my knots enough.)
    Your opinions, Message Board (or should I call it Massage Board) enthusiasts?

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    I have done the Swedish, Hot Stone and Bamboo Fusion at Couples last August.....and simply adored them all ;-)

    My favorite would have to have been the Bamboo. Using the Bamboo rods seemed to work the knots out a lot better then the stones did. The stones are really nice but they didn't seem to get really deep down or kneed away the tension. The Bamboo Rods were just the right temperature, length and pressure to really work the muscles.

    I will be sticking with it for now on I think.

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