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    Default Tower Island - Circa 1981

    Greetings to all:

    A couple who honeymooned a then Couples Ocho Rios in 1981 is returning to now Couples Tower Isle in a few weeks. Thought you all would like to see a great picture of Tower Island from 1981. Classic! No Bar, No Pool....

    Name:  Couples Honeymoon Pictures of Room_0005.jpg
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    Randy, I was trying to send a similar pic from the Google Earth to you for an explanation. There was a wall of some sort dividing the left side of the island. It may have been taken when the island was first renovated. Great pic though... Thanks for sharing.

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    We too were there in 1981. Our first trip seems so long ago. We are now going in December for #49. The picture brings back many memories.

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    RANDY, We started going to Couples Tower Isle in 1982...wonderful memories and came back for many, many years to follow!
    Hope they enjoy themselves...! We loved the island back then...peaceful....all you could hear were the trade winds and the sea hitting the rocks...aaahh !

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