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    Default Anyone for Tennis? (CSS, 26 Nov - 8 Dec)

    Hello all, SO excited, just booked last night! Have been to CSA with their big tennis program which we loved. Realise that CSS has fewer courts, which is fine, but this may make meeting fellow players more of a challenge - so posting here. My BF is an advanced level, plays for the top team in our home club. (We are in central England, so a reasonable standard but not talking Wimbledon-grade play of course.) I am intermediate/improver, also do some club play (but on the "B" team...have only played for a couple of years). Interested in singles or doubles play.

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    My wife and I started playing this summer at CSS and really loved it
    Radcliffe the local pro is great. He gave us lessons and got us to the point that we could play back at home
    When we were back this month, there was a visiting pro from Omaha
    We learned a lot from him

    there are 2 courts (hard)
    lessons and play time is in the AM
    We brought our raquets but they did have them there to borrow

    We have been talking about visiting CSA just for the courts and sports complex
    but we would really miss SSB so I don't know if we will


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    Bumping up, as it's just a few days till we come "home" to Couples! So maybe some other CSS tennis players now on the message board?

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