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    In terms of overall atmosphere, privacy and romance, is the wedding gazebo or the spa hut by the mineral pool better for a romantic private dinner at CSS? Has anyone had private dinners at both locations in the past?

    What happens if it rains on the night that you have it planned?

    Not too interested in the dinner on the beach.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts and/or experiences.

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    We held our private dinner over by the mineral pool on the chess board. It was lovely. We also booked it the night of the Starlight Gala (personally we feel that the gala is way overrated) and it was like we were the only people on the resort. Very private and romantic!!!

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    We were booked for the wedding gazebo, which I think is the best place for the private dinner, but it was raining that night. Room service suggested we have it on our balcony instead. Well.... thank goodness for the rain!!! We had an amazing dinner on the balcony in G block overlooking the ocean and watching an amazing lightening storm pass through. With all the candles and great service, a free fireworks display courtesy of mother nature, and a bathroom not far away, I think it surpassed any other location at the resort. Will definitely do that again!!!

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    We had it in the wedding gazebo. Very private and I would highly recommend it. A photographer took some nice pictures which we purchased. I would do it again for sure.

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    I also think the beach party and starlight gala are overrated, and would love to explore some other dining options during those evenings. What is the advantage of a private dinner at CSS as compared to room service on our balcony? It just seems to be an unnecessary expense, unless I'm missing something! This is our first trip to CSS and the lack of dining options during the special events is a concern.
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    We had our first private dinner in the Wedding Gazebo at CSS in 2009. When we went back to CSS in 2012, we scheduled our private dinner again in the Wedding Gazebo. It seemed like the perfect place for it and since the first one was so nice, we didn't even consider any other location for our second one .

    We also had a private dinner in the Treehouse at CN and it wasn't nearly as nice. No flowers or decorations. Then it started to rain and we didnít even see our waitress for an hour. Karen (the GM) did comp the meal for us, but we would have been much happier at the Heliconia.

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    We had our private dinner in the wedding gazebo on our anniversary in 2009. It is the perfect place, overlooking the ocean. We had a beautiful sunset as a backdrop to the pictures we took (the miracle of a mini tripod and a camera with a timer). Our waiter was willing to take a few pictures for us and the resort photographer came around and took some pictures also. Because the wedding gazebo is not in a high traffic area, and out overlooking the water, you will have plenty of privacy. They provided a CD player with soft music so we were even able to dance between courses in the moonlight. It's very romantic as it seemed that we were the only people on the resort.

    Enjoy your private dinner in whichever location you choose!

    Bart & Bug
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    Hi Jan,
    The major differences that I can think of between the Private Dinner and room service dinner on your balcony are: the location of your Private Dinner is decorated with beautiful flowers, you have a personal waiter who will serve your meal in courses and bring you drinks and pour your wine, you have soft music and candle light, and a menu that you have selected for your special meal. If you order dinner on your balcony: all the food is brought at once, your balcony will not be decorated, and you have to select your meal from the standard room service menu. Now I'm not knocking a nice dinner on your balcony -- it is nice and you can provide your own romantic ambiance. But I'm a sucker for those Private Dinners in the Wedding Gazebo at CSS!:-) Have a wonderful trip!!!

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