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    My wife works for a event production and they get lots of toys, clothes, tooth paste etc. last week over dinner we were talking who to donate this great items too. When i saw this message I contact the office located in Fla. They were happy to hear that they will receive this. Please anything helps. When we went to CTI last month we took school supplies to donate. We couldn't get to the school to drop them off cause it was the weekend and it was hero day. What we did was had a driver take us for a tour around town. When we saw kids playing or walking around we honk at them and called them over. I wish you could of been there to see their faces when we gave the school supplies out. One little boy around 12yrs touch our heart, cause when we gave it to him he told me " thank you sir, you so kind". It was like he hit the lotto for millions. This is why our hearts go out to our love island.
    Please help.
    Ralph n Karla
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    Ralph <3 Karla

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