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    Default How's the Weather in Negril Right Now?

    We'll be in Negril in 14 days, and as crabracer was saying how windy and cooler the weather is in Ocho Rios now, I was wondering how it is in Negril now. I know you can't count on the Weather Network etc. for true Jamaica forecasts (they always say rain! lol) but they are saying thundershowers for the next five days! Say it "ain't so"!! The satellite shots show clear skies, so where the heck are those supposed thundershowers coming from?!
    Thanks in advance to you who are there now and can clear it up!

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    It was in the mid 80's when we left today. The radio said something about a tropical storm bringing in some rain. Wish we were still there. :-)

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    We were there last week and it was HOT and HUMID! The forecast had said chance of scattered t-storms every day for us too, but we only had one 2-hour t-storm in the whole week. The weather was GREAT!

    Have a blast! Wish I was still there!

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    We are at cn right now. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the weather has been great! It hasn't rained yet and it is very hot in the afternoons. It was windy yesterday so, the dive boat and the cat were a little on the choppy side. Otherwise, the reports of 30% rain that we read before coming to the resort are not an issue at all. So, as others people have mentioned, don't be too worried over the weather reports. Have a great day.

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