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    Default CSA Newbies....Advice Please!

    Hubby and I will be staying at CSA in an Ocean Veranda May 5-12! I can hardly contain myself! Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. We will be celebrating our Anniversary and we have a couple friends joining us!
    What MUST we do and what should we avoid!
    Hope to see you in this magical place in about 6 months!

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    Try the all the soups, avoid the Bob Marley shot. Try the hot tub by Plams at night for some romantic star gazing.

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    MUST: Catamaran cruise, spa, snorkeling.
    Check out as much as you can, however, I forsee this being the 1st of many trips! The food is fantabulous. Try things you usually wouldn't. You'd be surprised what you like and how different things taste. Check out the thread "Secrets of CSA" on here. Spend at least one full day doing nothing but "beachin' it". As a female with lots of hair, which is frizzy in humidity....every time I go, the first day I get my hair braided on the beach. I never have to mess with it the rest of the trip! Try the smoothies at the sports bar. Take a nap in a hammock! I could go on and on and on and on.....Our 3rd trip is booked Oct 10-18, 2013, and I'm already looking at Oct 2014 dates. We go during the Anniversary week for the Anniversary party!


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    Things to do:
    Relax, don't try to do too much, don't try to plan too much. Spend lots of time on the beach, walk the beach beyond the limits of CSA property. Try all the restaurants and don't rush meals, relax and enjoy (this does not necessarily mean you have to overeat). Don't over indulge in alcohol, just because you can does not mean you should. Make new friends, try some new things. Don't sleep too late, the sun rises and sets early and you don't want to miss time on the beach. If you like to dance or enjoy "clubbing" occasionally, get dressed up and go to the Aura lounge late one night (after 10). It is not always jumping, but if you catch a good night it can be quite an evening. Take pictures, the folks back home will not believe how beautiful CSA is without them.

    Things to avoid:
    Stressing out about what to do on your vacation at CSA.

    Have a great trip!

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    Kat65 welcome to the Couples Family!
    The first piece of advice is to leave whatever cares behind you and get into the Jamaican state of "No problem mon!"
    Second, treat all of the CSA staff as you would a friend. You will always be greeted with a smile and if you initiate a conversation the person will open up to you and you're in for a great time.
    Request a ground floor room so you can walk right out onto the grounds from your verandah without using the stairs.
    Walk straight to the Palms restaurant after checkin and order a hummingbird to wet your whistle, well that is if you like creamy rum drinks.
    Spend a few nights at the piano in the Aura Lounge with Ultimate Chocolate. He's an awesome guy and everyone has a great time.
    Order a breakfast tray the night before for delivery when you wake up and enjoy it on your verandah while the resort wakes up around you.
    Have breakfast at Patois Patio. The banana stuffed french toast and breakfast pizzas are the best.
    Eat lunch on the beach at Seagrapes. They have a vegitarian menu but begin with a plate of sweet potato chips and assorted dips.
    Go on the catamaran cruise at least once and swim into the cave.
    Hang with the watersports guys who are pretty cool. Go snorkeling to a few different locations, Mexico is great and take out a hobie cat by yourselves.
    Spend some time at the sports complex across the street. The bar has smoothies and the workout facilities and instructors are awesome. If you play tennis, or not, lessons and equipment are free. We always play racquetball on the air conditioned courts.
    Well those are a few of our favorite things to do and as far as misses go I can't think of any so enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA.

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    Definitely try snorkeling. It's exciting and calming all at the same time. Also, go to the Martini Bar for a great martini before or after dinner. It's located above the Palms restaurant. Request one of the Ocean Verandah Suites that are by the hot tub in the middle of the property. Also see if a corner room is available. Ask for 1st floor if you want to go in and out of the verandah door or our preference a 3rd floor corner room for view and privacy. Go down to the beach and turn left and walk and enjoy the local flavor for miles. If you turn right there are mostly other resorts you will pass by. Enjoy CSA. We love it and know you will too.

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    Leave the resort one night and have dinner at Ivan's on the Cliffs. Very nice and romantic!

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    One of my favorite things to do is take a beverage and my floatie from my beach chair and just float around in the beautiful sea, enjoy

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    I echo Dirtleg....try to wake up EARLY one morning - I'm generally the one to do this - I'm up by 5:30 and go to the Palms to get a carafe of coffee and a cup of milk - by the time I'm back, my honey is on the verandah with 2 cups, and we watch the resort wake up. There's nothing nicer than watching the moon set over the ocean and listening to the birds wake up. If you're on the ocean side, you can watch the beach wake up, and if you're in the interior, you can just listen to the birds and the silence. And the best thing is that you don't have to put on your work clothes and get in the car to head into traffic!!

    If you like to work out, I'd recommend hitting the gym early, as it is open air. Also, try to schedule in an exercise class or two. We loved the spinning, although it was scheduled at 9:30 and 5:00 which were tough times for us.

    Try out the spa - if you're a newlywed on honeymoon, bring proof of marriage and you'll receive a free couples massage. Get to your scheduled appointment a little before and bring/wear a bathing suit so you can relax in the Buddha Pool. This is just so awesome!

    Don't overschedule!!! Allow the rhythm of the day to dictate what you do (or don't do). You may find that you want to participate in everything, or you may find that the sand gravity really takes hold.

    Oh, and drink LOTS OF WATER during the day and be SURE to use lots of sunscreen....And like said upthread, don't overdo on the food or alcohol - no need to be the king and queen of moderation, but also no need to miss any great time in paradise with a hangover....

    Have an awesome time in paradise!!!!

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    It is very worthwhile to take the resort tour on your first day. CSA has some features you might not discover otherwise.
    Definitely go over the road to the sports complex, and visit the juice bar. Spa is also lovely.
    Stop off at the Seagrapes beach cafe for lunch, try fish tacos and also try sweet potato chips/dips.
    There are DIY soda fountains at each end of the resort, plus DIY ice cream by Seagrapes.
    Everyone else covered my other tips. :-)

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    -Make sure you check out Seagrapes for some AMAZING food....and sweet potato chips & dip!
    -Don't try to over plan, but DO make reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass right when you arrive.
    -Order lots of water with every drink during the day to stay hydrated and not get a hangover!
    -Bring tons of dresses and bathing suits. That's all I wore from day to night.
    -Check out the Mimosa and Bloody Mary bars at The Palms!!
    -ORDER a bloody mary from the beach bars. They are AMAZING.
    -Eat at Patios at least once for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We LOVED their food and atmosphere! The banana stuffed french toast is to die for. Nom nom.....
    -Go to Feathers and Lemongrass. They are awesome.
    -FLOAT. JUST FLOAT. Ahhhh.....
    -Use the green flags provided at the beach. Sometimes they are fast, sometimes they are not-so-fast. If it takes too long, just mosey on over to one of the beach bars.
    -Don't hesitate to ask for anything. The staff is generally more than willing to go out of their way for you, as long as you're gracious.
    -I'm a vegetarian, but my husband says the fish tacos at Seagrapes are amazing. He is very fit, but managed to have at least 3 or 4 at a time.
    -Have fun making drinks in your room!
    -Stay in an Atrium, if you can. They are awesome.
    -Try a few watersports. They are included, so why not? But it's understandable if sand gravity takes over.
    -Go to the piano bar!!!
    -Be sure to mosey on over to the sports complex. It's awesome!
    -Mix Ting & Vodka in your room. It's great.
    -Stop, look around, and just enjoy one another.


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    Thanks everyone for the tips! I am starting to combine all of these secrets in a little note pad to take with us! 23 more days and a wake up and we'll be in paradise! THRILLED!

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